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Tips for a Begginer


Hi Deel Community!

I have been working remotely with Industrial Design for a US company, but they have official branch in Brazil - I'm still a local employee, even with 90% of my role based in US. Long story short, I would like to leap for a new opportunity so, does anyone have tips for where to find clients or companies? Or does someone have background working remotely with Design (or any other fields if you want to share)?

Any piece of advice is welcomed.

Thanks all!


Deel Team

Hi @AndriusFR23 

Welcome to the community! Just from personal experience, its always great to join our networking events and webinars. We do events regularly so check often and join! They're always free. Participating in other threads is also a great way to meet people in the community. You can also start a thread in the Brazil Regional Group and see who's around who you could get to know. 🙂