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Automation QA to Backend Developer Switch, suggestion please!


Been working as a Automation QA from last 2 years though I started with Backend developer and did it for a ~3 years, 2 years on my own product.

Why I joined as a "Automation QA" is another story though I'm planning to switch back to what I really love that is Backend Development (Node.js and PHP)

Note:- I was a developer of Smush Wordpress Plugin (1mn+ Users)

Any help is much appreciated!



Hi @thisisadityaj
It's really great to hear that you're interested in switching back to what you liked most in a role as a Backend Developer. Is there specific help that you're looking for ie. are you looking for generic advice from folks that have made a switch from automation QA -> Backend Dev, or are you looking to get answers for a specific question in mind? 

While I personally can't provide any guidance here (I WISH I knew anything about backend dev, it would save me a lot of headaches!), I know there are several backend engineers in the Community. I believe @cviniciussdias also mentioned a specific interest in PHP, too! @mustafasygn @kheme anything on your end as backend dev/eng to share? 

Hi @CassyL , I am working with Java / Spring Boot for 13 years now 😊

I am also experienced on Angular ( Frontend ) and on Flutter on mobile for 2 years.

Weekender II

Since your work is with automation, you might even be able to use that as your advantage in your résumé. Since you might be away from PHP world, I'd recommend getting up to date with the new features that came to the language recently. Also, after having a good foundation on the language, Laravel and Symfony are the most used frameworks. I'd get familiar with both (my personal preference is Symfony, but Laravel is more famous). But to emphasize it: I would only start studying frameworks after having a good knowledge of PHP itself.

Other than that, start applying for jobs and see what's requested, so you can focus your efforts on what's actually needed.