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Get remote work tips from Deel on complex matters like obtaining work permits and visas. And have some fun sharing new playlists or weekend activities.
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About Compliance & Tax

Ask the community about legal, tax and compliance topics, learning more from other members who have ...

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About Immigration & Visas

Find out more about relocation from other community members who have made similar moves to new place...

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About Remote Life & Travel

Share tips or ask about work/life balance, interests, hobbies, and more related topics to your remot...

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About Using Deel

Ready to get the most out of Deel from other community members? Ask questions about Deel, Deel Advan...

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What is your favorite mode of transportation?

Hey gang, I'll start with mine. My favorite mode of transportation is my 2012 FIAT AbarthPros1. 28-34 miles a gallonMy pocket rocket!2. Small mouse-sized car. Squeak squeak!3. Large trunk if you fold down the rear seats.Cons1. Lower visibility in the...


Binance USDT

Hello, I understand Binance has suspended BUSD withdrawals. Can anyone update us on whether you'll add USDT or USDC withdrawals in the future? Coinbase doesn't work in most countries. The same goes with Transferwise. Thus, I appreciate any response a...

Netra by Homebody
  • 0 replies

Deel and Binance - CommEX

Hello! Due to the departure of the Binance exchange from the Russian Federation in the coming year and the transfer of users to the new CommEX exchange. will there be integration with it?Binance remained the only available method of receiving funds.

Are you a team player, or do you ride alone?

While we are all remote workers, our experiences aren't all the same. Sharing experiences with friends, some striking differences came up, one of the most impactful being the difference in experience between those of us who work closely with other co...

Gabriele by Deel Team
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Binance Withdrawal Method Update

Hi Deel Team, Please, keep us updated on the Binance BUSD situation. It is really frustrating we are not getting any updates. You need to understand that this is very very important for a lot of us here. We need an official statement on how things wi...

Resolved! Remote Job/work opportunities

Hello community members, my name is Isaac Essuman from Ghana-West Africa. I am grateful and privileged to meet you all.  I currently work remotely as a peer mentor for a US firm called bloom on a contract. I serve students of BYU-Pathway Worldwide. A...

Elton0044 by Weekender
  • 39 replies

Top tips for becoming a Digital Nomad in the UAE

Hi Deel Community I’m Masha, Director of Mobility and Corporate Legal here at Deel.  If you haven’t considered traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) before, Dubai is a dazzling, hyper modern city, with plenty of accommodations tailored to digi...

1E3A8475.JPG IMG_1927.JPG
MashaS by Weekender
  • 4 replies

Facturación para mi cliente

Buen día compañeros:Mi duda es acerca de la generación de facturas para que me hagan mi primer pago. Puntualmente, yo estoy en México y mi cliente es de EU, me pidieron que les mande mi factura para que generen mi pago pero no me dieron mayores instr...

Deel Card

Hi Team,Q1. By when we can have the deel physical and virtual cards in India?Q2. Is it possible to keep money in the deel wallet or should we withdraw every month?Q3. What If I'm moving after 6 months in the USA, can we get the deel card there? Thank...

shubh by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Deel Community Meet & Greet

Hi Deel Community friends,  My name is Cassy and I'm one of the Community Managers here at Deel. We're so thrilled that you're joining us in this dedicated space for members to ask questions, learn, and connect with other remote workers worldwide!  ...

CassyL by Administrator
  • 148 replies

BINANCE information removed in FAQ

Today I reviewed the FAQ and I noticed that Binance was removed from all the questions, and also the blog updated about Binance is removed.  We're waiting for about 20 days without the official update from Deel about Binance, as contractors for many ...

MarAntBQ_0-1695232201922.png MarAntBQ_1-1695232270282.png MarAntBQ_3-1695232356329.png
MarAntBQ by Explorer
  • 4 replies

Let's share AI hacks to make our work easier!

Happy Monday, everyone! As another week kicks off, I started thinking about ways to make work flow more smoothly and figured I would ask for ideas and suggestions here.What are the “hidden gem” AI tools that have become a daily part of your work? And...

Why deleting information about Binance

During the last days all post about Binance has been hidden.As Deel users that depends of the platform is important to have the information, not hidding, being honest and updating the withdrawal methods info saying that it's not your fault that Binan...

Moving to Argentina

Hey guys!My name is Enzo. I'm Head of Sales here at Bluelight. Next month (Dec/2023) I'm moving from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina. Need your guys' help for a second:How do you guys get paid using the "blue" (or as close to it a...

Retirar Dinero de Cajeros Colombia

Hola: pedí mi tarjeta física de Deel, pero veo que no se puede usar para retirar dinero en cajeros electrónicos, sino únicamente para pagar en comercios. Conocen algún otro método/app internacional  que me permita tener una tarjeta débito para retira...

MrPit by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Spanish Digital Nomads

Can anyone confirm the personal taxation status when under the digital nomad visa in Spain?I have had conflicting information, with some stating the Beckham laws apply and the income tax due is 24% and others have said there is the ability to pay 15%...

Happy Halloween and Día de los Muertos 🎃

Hi Community friends,  We hope you had a spooktacular Halloween, and a celebratory Día de los Muertos! We had such a great time spending time with our community members for our first Halloween-special Global Happy Hour, we decided to keep the fun (an...

CassyL by Administrator
  • 2 replies


Mein Arbeitgeber hat die Zahlung bereits am 3.11.2023 übergeben. Allerdings die Buchung immer noch nicht erfolgt. Sonst hat es auch nur 1-2 Tage gedauert. Gibt es irgendwelche Probleme ??

YusYus by Weekender
  • 2 replies

Where do I need to pay taxes?

If I live in the Netherlands, work as a contractor for a U.S. company, and want a Nomad visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and I intend to work in 10 different countries for 200 days a year, where should I pay taxes?

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