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Facturación para mi cliente

Buen día compañeros:Mi duda es acerca de la generación de facturas para que me hagan mi primer pago. Puntualmente, yo estoy en México y mi cliente es de EU, me pidieron que les mande mi factura para que generen mi pago pero no me dieron mayores instr...

Moving to Argentina

Hey guys!My name is Enzo. I'm Head of Sales here at Bluelight. Next month (Dec/2023) I'm moving from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina. Need your guys' help for a second:How do you guys get paid using the "blue" (or as close to it a...

Where do I need to pay taxes?

If I live in the Netherlands, work as a contractor for a U.S. company, and want a Nomad visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and I intend to work in 10 different countries for 200 days a year, where should I pay taxes?

Factura a cliente

Hola comunidad.Deel tiene una opción para generar facturas. Mi pregunta es:Yo vivo en Ecuador y voy a realizar una consultoría a una empresa que tiene domicilio fiscal en este país (Ecuador), y que está legalmente constituida. ¿Se puede legalmente ha...

Resolved! Tax issue. From Turkey and have a bank in Switzerland.

Hello.My residence is in Turkey. I joined deel.com with my residence address in Turkey.But I have a bank account in Switzerland. If I withdraw to my bank in Switzerland, or Mercury bank USA, will my income reported to Turkish authorities?I know it is...

deroty by Weekender
  • 3 replies

Help with compliance documents.

Hi Deel Community!I live in Pakistan and have received a contract. Two of the documents in compliance tab say that they are only necessary if I earn over PKR 400,000 (~2600 USD)I earn below this threshold. So that's why I don't have those documents. ...

Rumaisa by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Gestor en España

Hola, algún gestor que puedan recomendar en España para dar de alta como autónomo y los trámites tributarios. Desde ahora Gracias.

DAristi by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Re: How to Set up as an Independent Contractor in Italy

Hi Chloe! This is very good article, thank you! I actually set up ditta individuale to get payed as a consultant. I just got my first payment on Deel, but now I am trying to figure out how to file fatture elettroniche to get the money. Do you have so...

santop by Weekender II
  • 5 replies