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Community Spotlight with Aima Atigari

Hi everyone  In our new Community Spotlight series, we ask members of our Community to share their Deel Story with us, including how they got into their careers, what challenges they experience in the remote work setting, and how they leverage the De...

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CassyL by Administrator
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I've been using Deel for several years. This was the WORST three months of my life. First, support will present you with an out-of-the-box solution, which is contacting your client to provide an off-cycle payment because they messed up your account a...

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LLC Contractor (agency)

Hello Deel community!I run a business entity (LLC) and employ a team of in-house workers. This team handles multiple contracts for various clients.I would like my employees to establish Deel accounts and contracts (as Contractors), with each employer...


How long does it take for my money to land in my Payooneer account after withdrawal?

Remote Job/work opportunities

Hello community members, my name is Isaac Essuman from Ghana-West Africa. I am grateful and privileged to meet you all.  I currently work remotely as a peer mentor for a US firm called bloom on a contract. I serve students of BYU-Pathway Worldwide. A...

Resolved! Questions regarding freelancing in India using Deel

Hello,I am a user of Deel from India, but I have only been using it for one client right now, who invited me to the platform.I have some questions regarding using Deel as a freelancer:Can I invite clients from anywhere in the world to sign contracts ...

Deel Community Meet & Greet

Hi Deel Community friends,  My name is Cassy and I'm one of the Community Managers here at Deel. We're so thrilled that you're joining us in this dedicated space for members to ask questions, learn, and connect with other remote workers worldwide!  ...

CassyL by Administrator
  • 144 replies

Worst Customer Service

If you ever run into problems with Deel, I'd suggest not bothering with their support team. Honestly, they don't seem very friendly when it comes to listening to your questions or concerns. In fact, they're more likely to start a ticket and then neve...

hxnry by Weekender
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Tax issue. From Turkey and have a bank in Switzerland.

Hello.My residence is in Turkey. I joined deel.com with my residence address in Turkey.But I have a bank account in Switzerland. If I withdraw to my bank in Switzerland, or Mercury bank USA, will my income reported to Turkish authorities?I know it is...

deroty by Weekender
  • 2 replies

Worst and Heartless support

First and foremost, you received payment for my deel advance three days ago, and I immediately informed you that my client will be sending a bonus and assistance because it will be additional funds for the burial of my son. I understand that you offe...

Studying as a remote worker: tips and tricks?

Hi there! I've been working remotely for almost a year and a half, and I've discovered that my new job requires a whole new level of skills that I've had to learn over the last year. I love studying and I'm always eager and curious about different pl...

Maru by Weekender II
  • 4 replies

Spanish Digital Nomads

Can anyone confirm the personal taxation status when under the digital nomad visa in Spain?I have had conflicting information, with some stating the Beckham laws apply and the income tax due is 24% and others have said there is the ability to pay 15%...

BINANCE information was removed from FAQ

Today I reviewed the FAQ and I noticed that Binance was removed from all the questions, and also the blog updated about Binance is removed.  We're waiting for about 20 days without the official update from Deel about Binance, as contractors for many ...

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Community Spotlight with Marina Novello

Hi everyone  Over the last month, we've asked members of our Community to share their Deel Story with us, including how they got into their careers, what challenges they experience in the remote work setting, and how they leverage using the Deel plat...

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CassyL by Administrator
  • 1 replies

Delayed Payment

Hi community,I have been getting my payment on time through Deel for the past two months. This time around when I submitted my monthly hours report, my client approved my money but Deel indicates that the payment is due for next month which means I w...

Arlene by Weekender
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Deel Withdrawal Method

Good day,Are there any changes happening with Deel lately? I know that the withdrawal ETA is 1-5 days but for more than a year with them, it doesn't take an hour before we receive the payment to our local banks. I'm not really saying it's delayed, bu...

Bank Transfer Withdraw Method Unavailable

Has anyone found a workaround for the current issues with adding the Bank Transfer Payment method? Can fill in the form and get to last step (billing address) but final 'Add' button remains greyed out. 

Daniel_B by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Coinbase error

Hi,as Binance has issues i created and verified coinbase. Than i want to add Coinbase as withdrawal and now i receive also an error that its temp unavailable?? Any help pls.

Woischi by Weekender
  • 1 replies

AWS Payment support? Deel Card

Hello all, i tried to pay my AWS Services personal account using my Deel Card (Singapore country issue) I added as a payment method without any problem but when I tried to pay the payment was rejected.Is not a valid merchants? rare about that, if not...

EOR using deel in Argentina

Does anyone know if a company hires me using an EOR with Deel, how do I get the payment? My concern is about the exchange type, in Argentina the USD official rate is 50% of the real market price.

Resolved! Deel Card Fund without Deel balance?

Hello,I am not getting paid in Deel anymore but I am using Deel card on multiple places. How can I add funds in my Deel/Deel card to keep using my deel card.A. Any way to add funds in my deel without any employeer?B. Any way to add funds directly in ...

How about holidays?

Between planning my next holidays and writing a blog post about the importance of taking breaks at work (which I regularly do), I got to thinking about my habits when it comes to logging off from work.This year I’ve been planning my holidays ahead of...

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Gabriele by Deel Team
  • 1 replies

Statement for Visa on Deel Card

Hello I am applying for a visa that requires you to show a statement that reflects a certain amount. I was wondering if deel can help us generate this statement on the deel card because it is linked with a proper banking institution ? - the name of t...

YahyaAli by Weekender II
  • 1 replies

What was the reason for your latest career move?

Hello everyone. we recently posted a blog about common reasons to leave a job, and I’ve been thinking about the topic for a while, so I'm curious, what was the reason that drove you to take your latest career step? For me, it was the desire to discov...

Gabriele by Deel Team
  • 1 replies

How to buy flights with deel virtual card?

Hi! I'm struggling to buy airline tickets with the deel virtual card. Last 2 failed attempts were on American Airlines and IberiaI'm an argentinian with a Singapore card (deel) Mastercard and argentinian billing address.The outcome usually is that I'...

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Your one-stop platform for collaborating, networking, and supporting global workers.

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