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Haven’t been paid

Hello,I have received a payslip with my salary but have not received the money in my account. Is there usually a delay? I’ve never experienced one when the transfer was done between two local banks, and the support chat has been unable to give me any...

Set up as an individual or as an entity

Hello people!Is there maybe someone from Greece , who has a private personal company , works as a freelancer and can help with some questions I have?I dont know if I have to log in as an indivodual or as a company , US termilogy is quiet confusing fo...

Ioulia by Weekender
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Super Delayed

Hi,We have been using Deel for how many months now and this is the first time I encountered this very long delay. Normally, my withdrawal just takes minutes or a couple of hours(even on weekends) to arrive. Currently, it's been way more than 24 hours...

JeSee by Weekender
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Work as B2B contractor through deel.com

Hello!My name is Alex, and I'm from Poland. I have a quick question: can I work as a B2B contractor through Deel? Specifically, I have a business entity in Poland and would like to receive payments from another business.I understand that most users u...


Hello Guys, I want to ask is FIRC document needed when receiving money from usd to inr in indian ICICI bank?

raowl by Weekender
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I start to wonder if Deel is actually Trustworthy ?

I had withdraw my salary a while ago, and it’s still has not reached my account. It says that it should have arrived 5 days ago, but it’s still not there! I wonder if those money are just lost and I will never get them. Let’s see under this post if D...

Kema by Weekender
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Seeking Urgent Help! Payment never received.

It's been 2 weeks since I attempted my first withdrawal, but the money never reached my account. My bank hasn't received or rejected the transfer. I reached out to Deel, who provided proof of payment that it has been completed, however it is not. My ...

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 07.19.51.png

Transfer from bank to deel

Hi! I wanted to know if I could return money from my Argentinian bank account to my Deel account, and if Deel's accounts have any number. Thank you!

La Tarjeta Virtual de Deel ya está disponible para Ecuador

  En el vertiginoso mundo del trabajo remoto, Deel continúa liderando la revolución facilitando no solo la gestión de contratos internacionales, sino también brindando soluciones financieras avanzadas. Desde el 27 de noviembre, una emocionante actual...

Deel Virtual Card Ecuador.jpg
MarAntBQ by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Payment never received

Hello, I tried to do my first withdrawal 15 days ago however the money never arrived. My bank never received or rejected the money. I contacted deel and they provided a proof of payment, I noticed the currency was CRC however I have a dollars account...

Maria2 by Weekender II
  • 3 replies

Delayed Instant Withdraw

Hello Everyone,I have used the instant withdraw option to cash my balance. However, it appears that payement is delayed. I will highly appreciate if anyone here can assist me. Thank you!  

Ilyaas by Weekender
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Deel card 90 days limit Argentina

Hi Deel team!I'm reaching out to seek clarification regarding the 90-day fund retention limit on the Deel card for users in Argentina. I've come across information that in some countries, funds can be kept on the card for up to 90 days, but I haven't...

I can't withdraw money for a long time

Hello, my colleague and I have not been able to withdraw our money since mid-December, after canceling the withdrawal to Binance. Are there any work underway on withdrawal methods for Russia and Belarus?

More than one week wainting my Payment

I have never had a single problem with Deel until now. I recently changed bank accounts and now I've been waiting for the money for over a week. Imagine the scenario: you need to pay your bills, you work hard all month to not receive money. This isn'...

provider delay

Hello all, I am new to deel. I submitted my withdrawal with deel last week on the 8th. It was through instant card. I made sure all of my information was correct before I did so. It was a friday so I was told to wait until monday. It is now wednesday...

Repayment Deel Advance from Direct Transfers

I have to repay my deel advance but I have zero balance on my account. Planning to do any direct transfer from bank to deel because I can’t see the option to pay via Stripe. Is it possible to send from Wise to my Deel account?

Client Payment Overdue

Hi all, I am getting a message from deel (OverDue) "We still need to receive money from your client". I ask from my client and they are saying they already submit the money to deel.what should i do now? 

Can I save my money on Deel like a bank account?

I would like to know if I can keep my money in deel, like a bank account. If I take my deel card, will I be able to leave all my money here and use it with my card? Because when the money arrives I get an message that I have to withdraw it in the nex...

Withdrawal to an unexistent account

Hi, I did a withdrawal. I intended to do it to a bank account, instead I selected Wise. I've filled all the information, and it said it was valid. Now the owner of the bank account I was trying to transact to says he doesn't have a Wise account, so I...

Mitello by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Invalid BIC code error for my Bank's Swift Code

Hello. I am trying to enter my Stanbic Swift Code on the bank transfer options on the withdrawal methods, however, the system is popping an error for the code. The code is SBICZWHX. Please assist, I am located in Zimbabwe. If bank transfers do not wo...

Impressively Terrible Customer Service

This is my first time using Deel, and I'm pretty shocked about how bad the support is. At least through the chat interface. The agents seem to have little more than read-access to my account. Their training on how to speak to customers amounts to cop...

Paiement en attente

Bonjour, alors c'est la première fois que j'ai ma première paie avec Deel de part ma société, maintenant j'ai fait toutes les démarches ett ils mettent que c'est payé!Combien de temps dois-je attendre que sa soit dans mon compte depuis le 15 avril qu...

Elisa by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Payment Concern from non-Deel clients

Hello. Hello.When you are sending an invoice to a non-Deel client, then the payment processing is handled outside Deel, am I correct? I am the one who should provide the client with a way to pay my invoice, right?If yes, and besides PayPal and Stripe...

Yahya369 by Weekender
  • 1 replies

EOR using deel in Argentina

Does anyone know if a company hires me using an EOR with Deel, how do I get the payment? My concern is about the exchange type, in Argentina the USD official rate is 50% of the real market price.

Crypto withdrawal

Hi, is there any new method withdrawing money to a crypto wallet or any crypto platform for non us/eu person ? (except coinbase)

Yass by Weekender II
  • 18 replies

Delayed Payment

Hi community,I have been getting my payment on time through Deel for the past two months. This time around when I submitted my monthly hours report, my client approved my money but Deel indicates that the payment is due for next month which means I w...

Arlene by Weekender
  • 17 replies

Withdrawal method error - Adding Wise account

Hi there!I added my wise account, but I have to remove it since they are closing it for no reason. So I tried to add my partners account after removing mine but it's showing me a message saying "Withdrawal method error" while trying to add it from Wi...

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