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Deel Community Meet & Greet


👋 Hi Deel Community friends, 

My name is Cassy and I'm one of the Community Managers here at Deel. We're so thrilled that you're joining us in this dedicated space for members to ask questions, learn, and connect with other remote workers worldwide! 

To get us started, introduce yourself to the rest of the community by telling us a bit about yourself:

  • What's your name? 
  • What country/city do you work in?
  • What are some of your favorite hobbies when you're off the clock?

Feel free to add any other interesting details you'd like to share, like your favorite destination for a holiday, or a fun picture with a pet if you have one!

We can't wait to learn more from everyone, and we’re looking forward to building an incredible community with you.

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Hi everyone!

I'm Cassy, a Sr. Community Program Manager at Deel 🚀 and I'm based in Boston, MA. You'll see me post or reply in here quite a bit, so please feel free to say hi or reach out to me with any questions! 

Outside of work, I'm an avid rock climber, amateur baker, and I love exploring different art mediums (currently really into pottery, gouache painting, and albeit poorly – woodworking). The only travel I've done lately have been local hikes with my pup, Patch, but my favorite adventure in the last few years was exploring Iceland! 

A sleepy PatchA sleepy PatchRangarping Eystra waterfallRangarping Eystra waterfall



Deel Team

Ola everyone!

Many of you may already know me as Daryl your Community Manager for APAC at Deel. I'm based out of Manila, Philippines and I'll be around to help you with any of your concerns or have a chat so don't hesitate to say hi. 😬

After hours I'm a film photographer specifically of medium format slide film, I tinker a lot with electronics, and building DIY projects. I tried to get a good photo of my pup-child Pingu but she was a quick one so the only good shot I have is her between my partner's feet. Let me know if you like photography too! 

Pingu not interested in a photo.Pingu not interested in a photo.

A lone tree off the coast of Siargao taken with my Pentax 6x7 105mm f2.4 on expired Velvia 100A lone tree off the coast of Siargao taken with my Pentax 6x7 105mm f2.4 on expired Velvia 100

Deel Team


Meltem here. 

In true remote fashion I split my time between Toronto, Vancouver and Istanbul! 
Happy to connect w anyone from those places!

Deel Team

Hi, all!

Anja here- born, raised, and based in Belgrade, Serbia!

When I'm not working, I love watching series and movies, as well as acting as a cushion to my extra-clingy pug called Dante.

2021-12-09 11.34.15.jpg
Fun fact: I have never worked in a physical office (and I intend to keep it that way).

Looking forward to connecting!

Deel Team

Salut 🇫🇷 Marhaba 🇱🇧 Ciao 🇮🇹 Hello!

I'm Chloe – Welcome to Deel Community 💙

Community Director by day, mom of 2 toddlers after that! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We moved to Zurich 🇨🇭 in 2019, enjoy skiing 🎿 in the winter and the beautiful lake 🏖 in the summer. We were digital nomads once living in 7+ countries in 4 different regions in the last 15 years.

Happy to connect!


Deel Team

Hey everybody! 👋

I'm Carly, Deel's Social Media Manager. If I'm not at my home base of Southern California, you can usually find me in Austin, TX or on the way to my next destination. ✈️

When I'm not "liking" and commenting on the awesome photos you tagged Deel in (hint, hint), you can usually find me making obscure pop culture references, falling down a rabbit hole on TikTok, hanging out with my best furry friend, Kershaw, and/or attempting to live my best life, which includes definitely spending $7 on a matcha.

Excited to ~virtually~ connect with you all. 🤠

Kershaw, the furry friend in question.Kershaw, the furry friend in question.Hahaha this is me the first time I rode the subway in NYC.Hahaha this is me the first time I rode the subway in NYC.



I'm Robin. Nice to meet you all. I'm a Software Engineer by trade, hired directly but the contract is through Deel. I'm based in the Philippines and generally try to stay in the timezone. Pleasure to be invited here 🙂 I have a couple of cats with my partner, and we all enjoy making/being bread.

SourdoughSourdoughNegi and NamekoNegi and Nameko

Hi @robin! It's so great to meet you here on the Deel Community, and thanks for sharing more about you! I audibly laughed out loud when I read "we all enjoy making/being bread" – I, too, am a fan of making and (more so) being bread 😂 

Negi and Nameko are both so adorable! Are they named after a spring onion and mushroom in Japanese, perhaps? Super adorable, and great names either way. 

Thanks so much for joining us here, and we look forward to learning more about you and your experiences as a Contractor through Deel! 


Negi and Nameko are both so adorable! Are they named after a spring onion and mushroom in Japanese, perhaps? Super adorable, and great names either way. 

Yup! We're making our own sukiyaki family. If we manage to find/make children/more cats, those will be named appropriately-- tofu, dashi and maybe kabetsu.

Patch sounds like a trooper. Can never match a pup's energy so hang in there 😄


Hey folks,

I'm Mohamed, but you can call me Mo if you feel like it. I am a Software Engineer and a sysadmin.

I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and currently residing there. I'm planning to become a full-fledged digital nomad and start seeing the world before the end of this year!

I like playing video games, and recently making them as well, reading, and watching series and movies sometimes. I'm also taking sports into consideration. I'm planning to start swimming by next week.

To be honest, I'm not much of a social butterfly, but that's about to change a little, hopefully 😄 Looking forward to meeting a lot of awesome people here, and off the platform if you're in my current city!


 Hi Deel Community friends, 

My name is Misto - Mohammad Misto and I'm one of Deel's supporters and lovers, I work as a Sr.Product manager for tech-related companies. also, a chocolatier and founder of Misto Chocolate ( ) INSTAGRAM FLAVORS LINK 😋 my personal beautiful and tasty project I am trying to push forward ( would be great if you have a good idea on how to push it forward ), I also have several interests like doing youtube vids and hosting people on TVs & Radios. 

Currently living in Amman - Jordan ( I can speak Arabic & English ) 

A photo of my chocolate 


Hi Misto, Thanks so much for sharing more about you, and for posting a picture of your chocolates! The colors and marbling in them are so neat.
We're looking forward to learning more about you and your experiences with Deel, so thanks so much for being a part of this platform with us! 
- Cass. 




What's up Deel community friends!

Sheena here and I'm currently working as an assistant shift manager in a client service company! Glad to be on board in this Deel Community and looking forward to connecting with you awesome folks! 

Currently living here in the Philippines, Cebu! 🤗

A sweet tooth and particularly loves dogs and cats. (Don't try to ask me which pet is the best! 😂)

Hi Sheena (@namiparcs05)! It's so lovely to meet you, and thanks for being a part of Deel Community!

It's so cool that you're based out of Cebu in the Philippines! I have never been, but it seems like there is a lot of culture and historic buildings throughout! If you haven't already, be sure to join the Philippines Group, so that you can share some of your favorite spots to get a sweet treat! I'm personally still on the hunt for a place in Boston to finally try halo-halo 😭

Cheers, and thanks for being here! 


Hi everyone! Great to see you all here 🙂 

I'm Vlad and I'm digital nomad and founder of outsource development and recruitment agency. Currently live in lovely Kyrgyzstan. 

Happy to join the community and would love to network! 

Nice to see you here Vlad! Maybe you can show us some of your favorite sights in Kyrgyzstan. 😄 We'd love to see.

Deel Team

Hey all! So glad to see you all here, helping us build a great online community 😍

My name is Stefana, Deel's content marketing specialist. You'll see my name behind blog posts, e-books, and newsletters (hope you enjoy them!)

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia and I'm usually based here, but I also love workcations and try to travel as much as I can. Last year, I worked from Croatia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, & Montenegro.

When I'm not working, I love to read and dance salsa.

Can't wait to get to know you all better. Cheers!

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Deel Team

Hi all, Gabriele here!
I’m Italian, and I split my time between the Netherlands and Italy. I’m a content marketing manager at Deel, and a big believer in the potential of remote work and technology as ways to build a better life for workers. We work in very exciting times, and I'm looking forward to discussing these topics with you all!

Hi Gabriele,
Welcome to the community! 


Gabriele and Alicia two of my fav names when i see emails 😄 on month end

Deel Team

Hi everyone!

I'm Khizar! Based in Amsterdam but I split my year between Amsterdam, Lauterbrunnen, Seville, and Lahore. You can find me jumping out of planes or digging records in my free time.


So great to have you here @khizar_naeem! Jumping out of planes sounds like a thrilling hobby. Have you done it in a bunch of different countries? Re: digging for records - I just got a record playing about a year ago and I feel like I'm already running out of space. It's addicting and there's something so nice about the analog sound, no? 


Hello all!

I'm Jhon, from Colombia, I work as a software engineer for a fintech company. I'm currently located in Medellín... (I've been living here for the past 11 years, actually)


Glad to be here! thx Deel (and thx for the debit card! it's a lifesaver here!)


Welcome @jhon, it's so nice to have you in the Deel Community 👋 
I've never heard of Medellin (see note above re: not getting to travel much – hoping that will change now that I'm meeting so many cool people living in incredible places!), but I read that it's home to an annual flower festival that looks AMAZING.

Looking forward to learning more about you and your experiences, and we're thrilled to hear you're making good use out of the Deel Card! 
Cheers 🥂

Medellin was one of the 17 cities we listed as best for digital nomads on the Deel blog 🙂

Can you see your home in the photo? 😉

Deel Team

Hey, everyone!

My name is Danica, but it's easier to call me Dani, as all of my international colleagues do. My fun fact is that I never worked for a local company, though Deel is my first fully remote role.

I've been here for about 18 months, onboarding all of the new hires, working on our people development programs and creating interest groups as a hobby. I love to talk about career growth, families, TV shows and pop culture.

Based in Serbia I use my flexibility to have a better grip on my schedule and spend as much time as I can with my ever-growing toddler.

Here's the two of us, we are getting better at selfies, aren't we! 😄 


Hi @DanicaRistic ,

It's great to meet you and your toddler! Welcome to the community. 😄 How's living in Serbia?



It's never boring, that's for sure! Serbia is actually a pretty great place for nomads, since we have such a great position, in addition to all of wonderful nature getaways, almost all wifi-friendly 😄 I would love to see more people hop in for a visit or short term stay!


Hi! I'm Jech from Manila, Philippines! 🙂

Hi @jech_oczon , welcome!!

Hey Jech! 

Hello from a fellow Manila based Deel User 😄 


Hello everyone! Nice to meet you 🙂 I work in tech and split my time between Dublin, Paris and SF. I enjoy discovering new places, exploring different cultures and definitely good food! On my free time, I like painting, watching movies or doing yoga... Happy to connect if you are in town. 

Hi @Roxane, welcome to the community!

Weekender II

Hi,everyone, Raul here from Tucuman , Argentina!!  So nice to join the community and share our stories .

I´m a MSI ( medical specialized interpreter ) and on my free time hobbies are football, reading or playing guitar and maybe cook some meat on the grill!   greetings to all

Hello @Raul, welcome!!

What kind of music do you play?

Hi,Gabriele! Some rock and blues , also folk music and maybe tango

Bienvenido!! Argentina has been on my must-visit list forever, I have to plan the trip already. Hope you enjoy our community!

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Weekender II

Hi Stefana!  you absolutely should do that!  Thanks for the greeting


Hey guys! My name is John and I’m from Nigeria. I am a Full-stack Developer with over three years of in-depth experience building software products, and web applications, and creating seamless user experiences for companies and also as an Independent Contractor.

I recently made the bold move of switching careers to Project Management, where I want to continue using my technical expertise and people skills to lead and deliver successful projects. And I made this decision as I realized that I enjoy working more with people than punching codes. Haha.

Apart from work, I am an avid reader, with a deep passion for gaining knowledge and insights into various fields. In my downtime, you can find me engrossed in a good book, expanding my horizon and broadening my understanding of the world (just another way of saying I’m probably rereading The Brothers Karamazov for the thousandth time haha).

I’m also a keen chess player and always ready for a good strategic game with friends. I also love to write a lot, mostly about mental health, sometimes short fictional stories.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

Hi John – it's so great to meet you, and welcome to the Deel Community 👋  

It's so cool that you made the switch from Full-stack dev to Project mgmt! Do you still do contract work as a dev sometimes, or are you only focused on work as a Project Manager? I definitely agree that it's more fun working alongside people, but that's probably no surprise coming from a community manager 😉

Love that you have a passion for knowledge, learning, reading, and an interest in mental health (personally, I've been on a bit of a Brené Brown kick). Hopefully remote work (or work generally as an independent contractor) allows you to have that sense of work/life balance and fulfillment! 

Thanks again for sharing more about yourself, and we can't wait to learn from you and your experiences! 

Great to connect with you! I'm also from Nigeria. 



I'm Raul, and I'm a business owner at IT2Xtreme LLC. I'm based in Mexico City, MX, and we specialize in high-end IT resources and consulting. 

Outside work, I love water sports, especially diving in caves (cenotes). Tho I'm a bit far from the cenotes; I get super excited whenever I can make the trip.Not my photo, but this is what I love to do!Not my photo, but this is what I love to do!

That's amazing @Nussbaum77 !!! I've read about many archeological discoveries found in cenotes. Have you ever been in ones that had a social/cultural function in the past?

And welcome to the community!

What an incredibly cool hobby @Nussbaum77!, especially to be able to do this in Mexico! A friend of mine started diving in Australia, and has had the chance to do it in Japan and Mexico (he said Mexico was the best, though Australia was a little wild). The hours it takes for certification seems intense, but I imagine so rewarding. Thanks so much for being a part of the Deel Community, and for sharing more about you and your business. We look forward to learning more from you! 

ps. I noticed there are other community members in Mexico, too! Feel free to join the Mexico group hub to meet others in your area. 

Weekender II

Hey Cassy,

My name is abdullah. Love to travel and explore nature love coding love my work and its perks


Been using deel for past almost 2 years going great so far

Welcome to the community, @baig052!

Nice to meet you, Abdullah @baig052! Welcome to the Deel Community, it's great to have you here 🙌 

What are some of your favorite places that you've traveled to (for vacation or for work - or both!)? We can't wait to learn more from you about your experiences with remote work, using Deel, and more. 
p.s. Thanks for being a valued member of the Deel network over the last few years! 

Thanks cassy for this warm welcome.. Actually i was thinking this year to travel and work together somehow... But remote work is great love every bit of it...