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Must haves to work on the go

Deel Team

Hi Deel Community 👋 Me and @marinaleme are friends that decided to work from wherever. If you haven't had the chance to read more about us yet, check out our intro post here and the travel guide to Itacaré (Brazil) here

@Piero has started a conversation on Must haves to work from home? and we figured we’d give some tips, as we get asked often. 
We’re always on the move and try to pack light, but there are some things we never leave behind because they improve our efficiency! 

For me, they are: 

  • My MacBook Air and its charger, with outlet adapter depending on where I am going to 
  • Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse: I love how easily they connect with the MacBook and how long the battery lasts
  • Laptop stand: I have a very simple and compact one (link to a similar one). It does not take a lot of space in my luggage and it is lightweight. If you suffer from neck pain when working with the laptop for too long, I highly recommend it
  • Airpods: I am not a big fan of overhead headphones, so Airpods are my choice. It easily connects to any of my Apple devices and serves me well. I am ready to upgrade mine to the 3rd generation
  • iPad: I can use it as a second screen when needed, it is super easy to connect and replicate or extend my screen. And I can also use it to watch Netflix in my spare time
  • USB-C to Lightning charger: This is basically the only cable I need (besides the MacBook Air charger) to keep everything charged! I connect it to my Macbook and charge my devices while working. It also improves the connectivity with iPad when using it as a second screen
  • Water bottle: not gadget related, but we need to keep hydrated folks! I drink a lot of water during the day, so I have a 1L thermic bottle that keeps the water cold for longer. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Tumbler is on my wishlist!
  • Strong wifi: We learned that we need internet speed of at least 30mbps to be able to work together in the same place. We always double check it before booking the accommodation and as a backup, we explore options of cafes and restaurants to work from and we have a 5G data plan

@marinaleme choices are:

  • Water bottle: I'm crazy about good water bottles 😆, my newest acquisition is one from Stanley that has an easy to open lid so it helps to drink a lot of water;
  • Portable 2nd screen: I use a light 2nd screen that helps me a lot, here's the link;
  • Headphones: JBL Tour one was a game changer because it has built in microphone and noise canceling which helps a lot for meetings and also for flying since it blocks the noise and I sleep much better;
  •  Magic Mouse: It helps me a lot on the day to day work.

Lala's set upLala's set upMarina's set upMarina's set up

What about you? What are your non-negotiables when working on the go?



Thanks @lala super useful recap you have shared here 👆💕 I definitely need all my chargers, coffee and AirPods when on the go! I agree about the big screen and keyboard + Magic mouse for sure but I can also manage without if I pack light... 

Deel Team

Thank you @lala. This is a very useful list. I don’t have much to add in terms of things to take on the road, but I will say I have found that organization and accessibility are also really important.

By this, I mean that I try to arrange my backpack as a small office, making sure the things I need the most are easily accessible and arranged in a way that does not interrupt work. For me, being able to sit on a train, or in a bar, and seamlessly shift into work mode without having to put extra effort into it is what makes the experience enjoyable. 

So to all those reading, once you choose what to take with you, spend a moment thinking about how to arrange them in your back for the bext experience.