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Recommendations for a comfortable chair for home office?


Hi everyone,

Hoping I can crowdsource some ideas/recs for a new home office chair. I have a standing desk that I love, but I absolutely HATE the office chair I use. It's one of those bungee-cord chairs, and not comfortable whatsoever. Would love to know what you're all using if you love your office chair! At this point, I'm maybe desperate enough for a medicine/yoga ball 😭

Thanks in advance for your tips!


Weekender II

I've been looking at the Matchspel from Ikea. It's a gaming chair but it looks muted enough to be a normal chair. 

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.20.33 PM.png

I'm especially drawn to the white/blue one :p. It's like $200. 

Another option is seeing if you can find a good deal on a Herman Miller Aeron or Sayl. If you're lucky, you'll find them at around ~$200 to ~$250.




Finally, I've seen some great options on foldable treadmills as an alternative. Keeps you active while you work. I'm looking at this Xiaomi  one at the moment. 😄 

Deel Team

I don't have specific recommendations on models, although I have always found the SAYL or SAYL look-alikes to be great.

But I would definitely suggest choosing a chair with adjustable lumbar support. Being able to fine-tune support on my lower back was a game changer!

Deel Team

One thing that I would suggest - don't look into the gaming racing-like chairs. While they work for some people, I've had many friends complaining about how hot it is to spend long time in them

Mesh is the way to go!


Following up to all this great advice! Thanks to everyone that chimed in – I ended up getting the Primy drafting chair (tall). It extends to a higher height, which is ideal for me since I use a standing desk. but I l like to switch between a tall height and a low height for either work or art.
I WAS tempted by a gaming chair, but I'm glad I saw the comment about it getting too hot. The Herman Miller ones were also (of course) aesthetically pleasing, but not exactly in the price range. Thank you for the pro tips. 

Let us know if you like it after use!


Definitely the Herman Miller Aeron, I have been using one for about 5 years and has not showed a sign of breaking or the materials getting damaged in any way. 

It is costly, but worth the investment.

Thanks for sharing your tip on the Herman Miller Aeron, @ehdez! Might look into this for myself, too!