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Strategies for finding remote work?

Deel Team

Hey everyone, 

I assume most of us here are working remotely or with some sort of hybrid approach, so I wanted to open a question I have been asked a few times recently to all of you and hear your stories and suggestions. 

The question is: How do you find remote work? 

Apart from the obvious answer of "Look for it", I realized finding the first remote gig for those who don't have that experience already is a big hurdle that can be difficult to overcome.

So the followup question to all of you is: What tips would you give a friend that is curios about remote work but isn't sure how to move?

My main tip would be to ensure your CV has experiences that can be valuable in a remote environment. Anything to do with team-building and knowledge-sharing can be a nice boost to an otherwise ordinary set of experiences. Another thing I think is important is to be able to prove you know how to work async and remotely, this doesn't have to be through work either. It can be experience with school projects, or personal passion projects that enabled you to get access to tools and platforms that are common in remote environments. 

What do you think?

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