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What does your workstation look like?

Deel Team

Hey everyone!

A photo can be worth a thousand words, so I’m curious to see what your workstations look like! As I mentioned in another post I just need may laptop, so here are two a few pics of my workstation in the past few months.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 13.18.27.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 13.19.21 (1).jpeg


What does yours look like?




ohh, so cool to see you take your work on the go @Gabriele! Looks like a tasty sandwich to enjoy. 

I personally am not as efficient working outside, though I do like the option to sometimes go to a WeWork space when I'm feeling a little on the lonely side. Like I said in another post, I only recently started as a contractor, so it's been interesting trying to adapt. 

Right now, this is the set up I have at my workstation, but I loved hearing how others shared their workstation requirements in this post:

Not my best cabling work though, I'll have to admit 😅 maybe when it's warmer I'll venture out into the wild! 

This is so cool! i love your plants

OMG! This is stunning. So much light. I absolutely love it.

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Deel Team

Cable management is probably one of the main reasons I try to only rely on my laptop 😁

Deel Team

I share my workspace with my partner but I feel like I've eaten up more than half of the little bedroom we converted into an office. The space is kinda my be all end all for a lot of my hobbies as well as my work. 


I try to keep my space functional so I have a peg board with my tools, at arms reach. I also have a film scanner for a lot of my analog photography. I keep photos of my friends and loved ones on the wall to to have inspiration in what I do.


Across my desk is another peg board for my bags, a chalkboard for my reminders and deliverables, and my 3d printing set up. I combine my Film photography and 3d printing as a lot of parts for older cameras aren't available anymore so I can design and print the parts myself. I also keep my cameras in the drawers under the printer.


It's definitely not the neatest setup but I love it regardless. 🙂 

This is awesome, @daryldy !


It's not very glamorous at the moment, but I'm still setting everything up.

workspace-2 (4).jpg


Also, sometimes I work from a local cafe because I often find small distractions somehow productive, but I don't have pics for such a portable workstation at the moment 😁

definitely agree that spending time working at cafes can actually be productive – it feels like a mood booster! I sometimes play a little stupid game with myself where I'll say, if I finish xyz thing, I'll go get myself a small treat. This worked almost too well at a Starbucks last week 😂 
The home workstation is coming along, and a nice comfy chair goes SUCH a long way! 

Yeah, it definitely is a mood booster. I actually find myself less distracted somehow, even if it was a little noisy. Working from home can get boring sometimes.

Weekender II

You have a great chair which is like 50% of the work set up 😄

Best investment I've ever made to be honest 😀


I can't work long at cafes because I get anxious I'm not spending enough. Hotel bars are different though hah. Home setup is mostly just trying to elevate the screen and various attempts at ergonomic computer paraphernalia. 

just a laptop when travelingjust a laptop when travelinghome setup (pardon the dust)home setup (pardon the dust)

Not a bad on-the-go workstation view @robin! Also, noticed what looks like a small timer on your you use a pomodoro method for focus? How do you like it, if so? 

I used to do it a lot. I rarely use it now. I usually do okay without it but yknow how there's just that task you procrastinate on doing? Still helps for those cases.

Weekender II

Today i am pretending to be 10 years old again and working from the floor :DToday i am pretending to be 10 years old again and working from the floor 😄

 Pretending to be 10 years old and working from the floor

This is actually very zen 👌

Weekender II

I bet the rest of your home is beautifully decorated 

Deel Team

Love this topic. 😍

My home officeMy home officeNovi Sad, SerbiaNovi Sad, SerbiaDobra Voda, MontenegroDobra Voda, MontenegroKallithea, GreeceKallithea, Greece

Here are a few pics of my workspaces. My home office is all cute and pink 😄 and the rest of the pics are from workations. 

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

I see a water theme going on @StefanaZ!

It might have to do with horoscope, I'm a water sign 😂

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.


I’m working from a workspace today and think I should do it more often. 😊

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-08 at 11.35.59.jpeg

Nice!! It was a game-changer for me. I used to hate having to go to the office. Now that it’s an option I can choose according to my preference, I actually enjoy it again. 



My most comfortable spot for work and focus time. Not the best, but comfy enough to focus and deliver my work.

Love the ultrawide monitor @hendryzheng . What model is that?

I've been considering a larger monitor but wasn't sure if it would feel like overkill. It looks great for you though! I might look into it again. I love how much light and awake your space looks, Hendry! 


Like the post; happy to share! 🙂

That's a slick setup. Nice!

love this – thanks so much for sharing your workstation @agileexpat! How do you like that webcam light? Seems like a great thing to have if you're on a lot of video calls. I always end up looking like I haven't gotten enough sleep 😅

Thanks, @CassyL! 🙂 That light is excellent - you can adapt the brightness and warmth using the Logitech software. Though, I must say I sometimes feel semi-blinded after having it shine directly into my face over a longer time. 


Cairo, Egypt.

Meedo Workstations - Remote.jpg

Wow what a set up @Meedo! Are all of your screens connected/compatible with each other? I used to only work with just my laptop, but once I got a second monitor, it felt like I was so much more productive (especially to keep email and Slack in one monitor space). I haven't figured out a monitor solution for when I'm on the go/at a cafe though. 

Thanks so much for sharing! 

Thanks @CassyL,

Yes, they are connected to the same CPU. 
If you are looking for a solution on the go try Asus Zenfold 17 O-LED but it so expensive. 






And I was wondering where did I see the Moro and Kobayt El shay before, till I saw that you are in Egypt 🤣
Nice set bro 👍


Ankara, Turkey.



you have such an organized and calm workstation @sarpdoruk! Thanks so much for sharing it! I should consider a controller dock and charging for tablets. I love how clean and tidy everything is, and the little light behind the monitor adds such a lovely warmth! 

Thank you for the kind words @CassyL. It's just I can't stand having cables on my desk 😬

*looks under my desk to see the jumbled nest of cables* 😅 I'm taking this as a sign I need to reorganize and tidy a bit haha 


Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 1.43.37 PM.png.


wow what a view @riza! I sure wouldn't mind a warm beachy workstation situation. It's snowing and strong wind warnings for me 😂

hehe! this is a cool beach resort view from UAE!

Nice to find a fellow deeler from the UAE! We should connect!

Deel Team

@riza, wow!!!



So cool @ApeRunner! Looks like a very musical setup, with the mixer, keyboard, amp etc. Are the musical components part of your day job, or is this a side hustle/hobby? Thanks so much for sharing your workstation space with us, and welcome to the Deel community 🎊


Music is my hobby. But also my emotional catalyst.


Been chained to this for too long...



Thanks for sharing @Ram! The little Marshall amp is so cute, and we love a nice mechanical keyboard 😍 The 3 monitor setup is making me think I need to step up my game. Do you have a way to organize your windows across all three screens? 

Thanks Cassy!


From left to right:


Reference (docs, papers) - Work (IDE) - Communications (slack etc)