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Retirar Dinero de Cajeros Colombia


Hola: pedí mi tarjeta física de Deel, pero veo que no se puede usar para retirar dinero en cajeros electrónicos, sino únicamente para pagar en comercios. Conocen algún otro método/app internacional  que me permita tener una tarjeta débito para retirar por cajeros en Colombia??? (que no sean las tarjetas de los bancos de Colombia). Muchas gracias!!!


Deel Team

For transparency the original message translated is as follows:

Hello: I ordered my physical Deel card, but I see that it cannot be used to withdraw money from ATMs, but only to pay in stores. Do you know of any other international method/app that allows me to have a debit card to withdraw from ATMs in Colombia??? (other than Colombian bank cards). Thank you so much!!!

Hi @MrPit ,

Unfortunately, as you mentioned, Deel Card does not allow you to withdraw your funds from ATMs. Right now the only options for ATM withdrawals are through local banks and what are colloquially known as Neobanks. These are digital banks that operate out of Colombia and can be supported by Deel trough instant card transfers. I've seen some options on this article that may be of use to you. 🙂