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Switching from individual contractor to LLC / previous contracts status


Hello everyone, 

I hope this thread finds you well. 

I'm reaching out to the community in order to kindly find assistance whoever knows this info and may help me. 

I have already started a contract as contractor. But recently, I created a single-member LLC. 

I would like to know what happen with the ongoing contracts that I currently have active if I switch from individual contractor to entity. I know that I need to upload all the documents in order to be compliant but I would like to know who to proceed in terms of active contracts. 

Any information or support will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance. 

Warm regards, 



Deel Team

Hi @Santiago2023 ,

First welcome to our community! I hope you are able to find value in our sharing of information and experiences. Given your question, I need get some additional information. Regarding your other contracts, are these also done within the Deel platform? In any case, I'll reach out internally and get some information on how you would need to proceed. 🙂 


Hello Darly, 

I hope you are well. 

Yes, the contracts are within the platform. I will be thankful if you could help me to know how to proceed. 


Hi @Santiago2023 ,

Based on our internal team, there would be no need to update contracts that were previously done on the platform. The current contract you have have entered into as an individual will also remain unchanged. Should you wish to incorporate your company's information into the existing contract, you would need to terminate the current agreement and proceed to execute a new one.

Hope that information helps. 🙂