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¿El cliente puede usar cualquier plataforma para transferime a Deel?


Hola! Es la primera vez que voy a utilizar la plataforma. Armé un contrato como freelancer y le envié la invitación  al responsable del pago. La consulta es la siguiente: La persona que transferirá hacia mi cuenta de Deel, lo podrá hacer desde otras plataformas como, por ejemplo, Payoneer? 



Hi Giselle @fungus

Thanks for being a part of the Deel community, and for sharing your question! We're excited that this will be your first time leveraging Deel for your contractor payments 🎉

To answer your question, yes, both you and the Client have different payment options to choose from when setting up your accounts and withdrawal preferences. Per this article

When you receive a client payment via Deel, your money, or ‘funds’ are deposited into your Deel account. 

With Deel, you and your client can choose how to process payments. That means the two of you can have different payment and withdrawal methods

For example, your client can pay with an international wire transfer, and you can choose how you want to withdraw your Deel balance (bank transfer, Deel instant card transfer, Coinbase, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, Wise) and in which currency.

Additionally, this article highlights the supported payment methods for Clients account funding. I do not believe Payoneer is a supported type for Clients, however Coinbase is supported. 

Hope this helps give you some additional guidance! Don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions.