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best way to take money out of deel in india


Hello there,

I am new to deal, and had some questions for community, I hope I will be able to get answers(indian region).

1) for how long can I keep money in deel without touching.

2) if I want to park these USD, whats the best place and most effective way(lets say I don't want in my back at this moment)

3) whats the best withdrawal way to get maximum returns and best for tax purposes(freelancer hack iykyk)


open to take this conversation is dm if you want ๐Ÿ˜‰



Hi Girish @Whoami

Hope you're doing well and welcome to the Deel Community! I went ahead and moved your question under the India Regional section so that your question is better seen and answered by other members located in your country. 

While I don't have insights into the best withdrawal methods in India, there are a bunch of great conversations from other members here that can serve as a guide, like this post from @sudheer.  

Additionally, to answer your first question: Deel strongly recommends that your money be withdrawn from your Deel Balance within 30 consecutive days. After 30 days have passed, Deel reserves the right to initiate a withdrawal through your most recently used withdrawal method.

Hoping that other community members can chime in about their experiences as well! Feel free to look through existing topics in the India group and reply to any conversations that seem relevant, too. 


Weekender II

I started using Xflow recently, give it a try๐Ÿค


Whom do you bill invoice to while withdrawing in Xflow ? Deel or the client you actually work for?
Because deel transfers the amount to XFlow and not the client.

In short, what you add in the partner field while withdrawing on Xflow.

Weekender II

I add Xflow as the partner while withdrawing.
They charge around 1% for my withdrawals.
Try using the referral code "Scott" when sign up with them to get this offer.