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Introducing Ourselves


Hi México Team!!

My name is Anaissa and I live in Guadalajara. I am new to this remote working space area so this is very cool. Where are you guys from! Are there any exciting experiences that we can work with through Deel?




Hi @AnaissaRCH

Welcome to the Deel Community, and to the Mexico Regional Group hub – it's great to have you here! Awesome to hear that you're new into remote working; we're excited to learn more about your journey. Feel free to also introduce yourself in our Meet & Greet post, where you can learn all about many of our other members from across the globe! 

As our Community in Mexico grows, we'll spotlight more opportunities for members to meet both virtually and in person, so keep on the lookout for more information to come. 

Weekender II

Hi Anna, greetings from Monterrey! I've been working remotely for a US company since 2 years ago, but joined Deel since March and it's been great, what are your hobbies? I love being traveling and thanks to this job this year has been amazing! 

Hey Oscar, curious to know where you've been able to travel to this year – what were some of your favorite spots? If you have photos, we'd love to see where remote work let you travel to. A few of our community members are already sharing their top travel destinations
Looking forward to hearing about your 2024 travels soon, too! 

Weekender II

Hey Anaissa! I'm Mario I live in Aguascalientes, been doing remote work for over 20 years

Wow Mario! You're a pro at the remote work life experience with 20 years under your belt! Do you work from Aguascalientes, or are you often on the go? If you have any tips for our community members, feel free to share your top must have for working at home, or your favorite tools for working on the go

Hey CassyL!

I work from home most of the time, working on the go is not as romantic as they paint it 😉

Relatable 😂 Whenever I work on the go (which is very rare), I always get turned around with timezone changes haha