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The Deel Pakistan Meetup in Islamabad/Rawalpindi was as stunning success!

Deel Team

Every time I fly out to Pakistan, I'm always stunned by how amazing everyone I meet truly is. From people who really know how to make you laugh to people who have so much to offer intellectually to people who are just happy to meet new people in the community. I'm so excited to go to our next meetups and meet you all again! For now, I hope you enjoy our memories from the event! Make sure to tag your posts with #DeelMeetups and #DeelCommunity!

Deel Pakistan Meetup 2 Album


Ya Boi,




Had a great time! would love to welcome you again in Pakistan.

Pakistan is beautiful. I wish I could stay longer next time. 🙂 Hoping that my next trip over will be a few days longer so I can enjoy the people and culture more!

Weekender II

Thank you @daryldy for coming to Pakistan. By the way, how was your stay in Pakistan 😅

Not long enough! I'm excited to spend more time there next meetup. 🙂 Maybe we could do a post event thing all together. Some of the community were already planning a hiking trip after the event so would love to join that.