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Greetings from Romania ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ด

Deel Team

Hello and welcome to the Romania Group โ€“ weโ€™re so excited to have you here! In this group, you can connect with other members who also live and work in your country. From country-specific compliance experiences to sharing your favorite coffee spots, you can find all the local details Community members chat about here.

We all know historic stops like the imposing Bran Castle in Transylvania are a must-see, but what are some of your other favorite places to visit in Romania? Share your top sights in the comments below!



Hi Chloe,

I plan to relocate to Romania as a digital nomad and need to prepare the required documents. If you are also a digital nomad in Romania, may I ask to learn what kind of documents you submitted for financial criteria? For example, are Deel documents accepted by the Romanian government? Because we are part of Deel community, I want to know what they are expecting from us?



Deel Team
Hi @Cem137, welcome to the Community! Exciting to hear that you are planning on relocating to Romania soon, do you have any bucket list items you want to tick off while you're there?
While I don't have experience being a digital nomad in Romania myself, I have looked into some resources to get a clearer picture of what financial documents are required to obtain a Romanian Nomad Visa. Here's what I've found:
  • Proof of employment: Employment contract with a company registered outside Romania, both the original and the Romanian translated version (contractors can view and download their employment contract via the Deel platform)
  • Information about the company: Provide an original document issued by the company registered outside Romania with which you have an employment contract. The document must show all the contact details of the company and information on its legal representatives.
  • Paid taxes: A translated document that states that when you applied for the visa, you have paid taxes, duties, and other compulsory contributions up to date, as well as confirmation you are not registered with acts that have or have had the effect of tax evasion and tax fraud.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means: You must prove that you have a monthly income of around โ‚ฌ3,700 by submitting bank statements from the last 6 months.
You can take a look at the full article for more details on all the documents required. Additionally, this article on How to Set up a Sole Proprietor (PFA) in Romania might be helpful.
Of course, it's always best practice to consult your own local experts on what legal documents are necessary to ensure it's smooth sailing for you.
I hope that this helps and I'm eager to see what other members have to share with you about their journey!
Thank you,

Weekender II

Chloe Please I would love to connect with you. Thanks