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As you may know, SWIFT transfers often come with high fees and long wait times. Luckily, with the relaunch of Deel’s Instant Card Transfers, you can withdraw money from Deel with fewer fees, less admin work, and no stress.

Simply enter your card details and withdraw money to your bank account in minutes. Payments are confirmed instantly for a smoother payment experience.

The new Instant Card Transfers come with:

Reduced fees
With a new flat 2% fee up to $15, it’s up to 75% more affordable than SWIFT transfers

Instant Payment
Instant Card Transfers usually arrive within 1 hour, compared to 5-7 days for SWIFT payments

Less stress
Spend less time chasing down late or failed payments with real-time confirmation. Check out our withdrawal tracker here.

Learn more about how it works via our Instant Card Transfer setup guide, or update your payment method from your Account Settings.

We’re always working on ways to make payments smoother for contractors everywhere, which is why we’re making Instant Card Transfers even more accessible than they already were.


Sad that this isn't available in Egypt yet 😢


@Elbasel, we hear you on that! We are continuing to explore opportunities in new countries for expanding our instant card transfer offerings, so be sure to check back in the Community for new updates, or feel free to subscribe to the "Latest from Deel" section to be notified of new posts. Simply click the three dots next to "Options" at the top right of the page. 
Thanks for sharing your feedback,