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How does Deel handle payments to Brazil from a tax perspective?


I'm trying to understand how I should declare taxes on my earnings through Deel and would like to understand exactly how this process works!

Does Deel have any company based in Brazil that I should list as the recipient of my service provision, since you are the ones who effectively pay me?

Or should I just declare my fees without a recipient?



Hi @gabrielEloy! Thanks for being a member of the Deel Community, and for sharing your question on taxes in Brazil. At this time, Deel's Tax Advice is not yet available in Brazil, but we do have a number of resources that can help point you in the right direction. Please note that tax laws can vary greatly, so it's important to ensure you're following the correct procedures for your specific situation by consulting with a local tax professional.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out this article "How to set up as an Independent Contractor in Brazil", which covers different business structures as a contractor, and touches on the Simples Nacional taxation regime. 

Additionally, your tax documents are made available via the Tax Forms tab on the left nav bar. 


If you have specific questions around this, I'm happy to connect you with a member of our support team who can provide additional, relevant insight. 

Thanks so much,