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Create U.S. Tax form


Hello, This is Ayrin Sultana from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Recently I have joined Condingal Inc. as a coding teacher.  I got a referral link from codingal and signed up for as an individual


Now my issues are:
Review & Sign button is disabled as Step-2 is not performed. Step-2 is all about tax/vat related information. Being a graduate student I have no Tax ID. So I could not able to fil-up the form.


As I am a teacher at Codingal inc. and I have no business at all, I have to Trade License. As a result I could not be able to submit this document.   
3. Finaly, if you help me how to solve the above problems and complete guidelines step by step for receiving payment and withdrawing payment, I will be benefited. [It's Urgent]




It said Trade license or certificate from city corporation. The birth certificate from Bangladesh issued by City Corporation. So the birth certificate should do the job. Mine was accepted by the "Bangla Birth Certificate" issued by the city corporation "pouroshova"!
In case you also need e-tin. You can easily apply and get one in some minutes at
Hope this helps 🙂 

Hi Jahid @jahidb007, thanks so much for sharing your own experience with Compliance and documentation with @Ayrin!

To provide a little more context on the compliance document requested: a Trade license or certificate from the City Corporation is a required compliance document in Bangladesh. These documents are essential to ensure that both the workers and the company they work for, Codingal in this case, are in full compliance with the country's rules and regulations. 
In addition to what Jahid shared above, I'd also recommend checking with a local tax or legal advisor in Bangladesh regarding the requirements for the compliance documentation. They'll be able to provide you with advice based on your specific circumstances and the relevant regulations in your jurisdiction. 

Thanks so much,