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Is it possible to use Deel invoices as income statement for Schengen visa applications?


Hi all,

Hope everyone's having a good day. I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I currently have a self-employment company that I do all my social security, taxes and bank transactions over. To be more precise, I'm paying for my pension and health insurance, and my company is only for legal stance. For my last Schengen I applied only with my bank transactions and company tax document. Do you think for Schengen applications, it is sensible to apply with only invoices from Deel and bank transactions? Has anyone ever did something like this?

Thanks in advance. 

P.S.: Question might be ambiguous but in short I'm trying to use Deel contract and invoices as a proof of an entity.  



Hi @dogugun this is a great question and I asked something similar a while back. So @daryldy gave this response and I think it sums it up. 

“Embassies and consulates require the financial statements they receive to be from registered banking institutions that can certify the financial statements as genuine. As Deel is not a bank, we are unable to certify transaction records in a way that would be acceptable for visa purposes. However, you can use this link to download your entire record of transaction within the Deel app for any other purpose you require.“

I think though, that the transaction document on deel can be improved to have a stamp as I believe the whole idea is to show that one earns and that this claim can be verified. While I’m not sure about the legal implications of this I believe it will go a long way to help.

You can view the entire conversation here

I hope this helps 🙂

Thanks a lot for your answer @aimaatigari. I checked the thread, also my ideas were based on a advise from a friend who uses a similar app. I believe it might be possible with e-residency, yet I have to check and investigate more. I'll update this post in case of any updates. 

Can you update us please? What have you done and how have you resolved this

Deel Team

Hi @aimaatigari 

Thanks for answering them. Though our team's policy on this is what I previously stated, different embassies have different policies on this. It's always prudent to reach out to the mission near you to find out if they'll accept the Deel transaction record for this use case. Different missions have different policies. 🙂