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¿Porque Deel puede cambiar la politica de pago sin un tiempo prudente de anticipación?


No entiendo porque hacen estas cosas con dos dias de anticipación antes de cobrar, no piensan en las personas? solo quieren ganar dinero?



Hi Rodrigo @rodrigoa

Thanks so much for being a member of the Deel Community, and for sharing your question with us! Depending on your contract type (ie. fixed, pay as you go, milestone, etc.), the payment you receive in your Deel account will follow the payment cycle according to the contract you've agreed upon with your Client. To better understand your specific situation, I've gone ahead and sent you a private message to learn more about your experience. 

Thanks so much,

sos un robot? pregunté otra cosa, cambian las cosas de la noche a la mañana sin darte la opción de elegir. no piensan en la gente?

Hi @rodrigoa
I'm not a robot, I assure you. I've gone ahead and connected you with someone on our Support team that can understand further what exactly changed for you in our policy. I'm not seeing any payout updates in your account, but a Support team member can take a closer look. You should expect to hear from them shortly!
Thanks so much,