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How to tell my new employer to use Deel to hire me remotely?


I am currently located in Canada and have a Deel account. However, my previous employment has ended. Recently, I received a remote job offer from a company based in the USA. However, they are not familiar with Deel.

How can I assist my new employer in using Deel to complete the hiring process and enable remote hiring through Deel?

Thank you



Hi @Beefish, we're so glad to have you in the Deel Community 👋

Awesome to hear that you're already familiar with Deel, and congrats on the remote job offer! Depending on how you'll be joining this company (as a direct employee or as a contractor), there are different ways in which Deel can greatly benefit both you and your employer!

First off, if they're not familiar with using Deel, you can always send them details about it via your referral code. If you need further reading materials for them, there's this page to give them an overview on the Contractor benefits, or this page if they're hiring you as an employee

I can also connect you with one of our hiring experts in Canada/US that can help facilitate the conversation with you and your employer. 

Thanks so much, and looking forward to hearing more about you and your new role 🎉

Hi Cassy, thank you for the information, which is very useful. Can you please connect me with one of your hiring experts in Canada/US?

Let's keep the future conversation in email. 



Absolutely, I'll be in touch via email! Thanks and have a lovely weekend. 

Can you please connect me with one of your hiring experts in Canada/US?

Please send me the info in an email. 

Thank you!