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Deel Community Meet & Greet


👋 Hi Deel Community friends, 

My name is Cassy and I'm one of the Community Managers here at Deel. We're so thrilled that you're joining us in this dedicated space for members to ask questions, learn, and connect with other remote workers worldwide! 

To get us started, introduce yourself to the rest of the community by telling us a bit about yourself:

  • What's your name? 
  • What country/city do you work in?
  • What are some of your favorite hobbies when you're off the clock?

Feel free to add any other interesting details you'd like to share, like your favorite destination for a holiday, or a fun picture with a pet if you have one!

We can't wait to learn more from everyone, and we’re looking forward to building an incredible community with you.

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hey guys, hello from Uganda, the pearl of Africa 😉

Welcome to the community, @Richard!

Weekender II


I'm Ayush. I'm 18 & I work as a fullstack developer through a contract on deel. I'm based in India. My hobbies include understanding the way things work, exploring new things & music. After work I watch a lot of youtube and sometimes I even find time to touch grass. Deel is my first job and thank you to the entire team @ deel for making it happen. I do what I love and that's what matters to me the most. 🙂

Welcome to the community, @isitayush! 🙂

Thank You @Gabriele


Hello everyone, my name is Yoel and I'm excited to join this community of remote workers. I'm from Guatemala, and I'm a Software Engineer with over 8 years of experience, primarily focused on backend development. In my free time, I like to stay active by going to the gym, playing tennis, and practicing kickboxing. I'm also a big fan of video games, and I love to explore different game genres and platforms. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Hi @yoelfme, it's great to meet you and welcome to the Deel Community! Thanks for sharing more about yourself, and your interests! It seems like you have a good balance between work and your activities, which is super important. I personally did two months of kickboxing and it totally kicked my butt, but was a lot of fun and a great exercise. 

Any games in particular that you've enjoyed playing so far? I recently got into a local co-op called It Takes Two, and have been back playing Stardew Valley for simpler times 😂

Thanks again for joining us here and we can't wait to learn more from you and your experience working from Guatemala. 


Hi guys, my name is Tunde, from Lagos Nigeria. Currently work as a Senior Software developer for Slide(

Outside work, I enjoy listening to podcast on philosophy, playing the guitar and binge watching Netflix. 

Happy to connect

Hi Tunde @Tunedev 👋 it's so lovely to meet you, and thanks for joining us here! So cool to hear you're from Lagos, Nigeria, and to learn more about your interests. It seems like there are several other musicians that a part of the Deel Community. If you have playlists or podcasts you love listening to when you're working, we'd love to hear your recommendations on this playlist post, or this post on what you listen to while you work



Hi everyone!  I’m Jeanette, a Canadian, originally from Malaysia, who’s been an expat for 14 years in Dubai, and over the past few months, in Mauritius, a beautiful island 🏝️ off the southeast coast of Africa. 

When not at my desk, I’m usually hiking, swimming in the lagoon, at the gym, eating, or trying to photograph fading rainbows without dropping my phone in the water 😉

Once upon a time, I was a lawyer, Assistant Professor, and corporate trainer, although I’ve returned to my first love ❤️of Psychology which I apply every day as a Personal Development and Mental Fitness Coach.

Mental Fitness, which incorporates Positive Psychology, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence, involves exercising our mental muscles 💪🏽 that shift us from a negative to positive mindset, helping us better manage stress and stay calm, improving productivity, wellbeing, and relationships.

Looking forward to being part of this Deel community! 😊 

P.S. How did I get assigned the “Homebody” title?

Partial Rainbow at La Preneuse Beach.jpegPiton Canot ViewPoint.jpeg

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks so much for sharing more about yourself with our Community, and for making us so jealous of your stunning view in Mauritius! That rainbow photo is incredible. It's really cool to learn about your journey, and to understand more about your work as a Personal Development and Mental Fitness Coach. I'm sure members of the Deel Community can learn much from your experiences and background. We're looking forward to hearing you chime in on different threads (like this one on meetings and work life balance, or this one on unwinding from the work week!), and hearing about your remote work experiences. 

p.s. the Homebody rank is a part of the Deel Community gamification. Over time and after several activities on the community (posting a new topic, replying to topics etc.) you'll level up. You can see who has already helped other peers answer questions or share their experiences by viewing the Leaderboard


Thanks, Cassy! I'm just exploring the Deel website and found the community building aspects interesting.

I'm curious 🤔 to know if there are further plans in development.  For example, could there be portal one day where community members can offer services to each other (kind of like a fiverr)?  Perhaps even a bartering system if some people prefer that (i.e. A provides a service to B and gets X time credit which A can then use to purchase services from C).

Anyway, it was just a thought that popped in my head 🤓

Happy to see I've levelled up to Weekender, BTW 💪🏽😊

Have a lovely day 🌈

Deel Team


It's a me, Alexis, your friendly neighborhood Customer Support Specialist. 

Super happy to see everyone on here! My favorite past times include, Eating, JiuJitsu, Karate, experiencing an existential crisis when I think about how mind-bogglingly huge the universe really is, reading, and traveling! 

Let's have some fun!

Welcome @AlexisNajarro! You just casually dropped an existential crisis between karate and reading... I like that 🙂


Hi dear colleagues,

This is Hadil Zaklama, clinical psychologist from Cairo Egypt, working as a global care navigator and support for spring care inc.


Welcome to the community, @Hadilzaklama !!


Hi, I am Juzer from Bangalore.

I am Software Engineer by profession. Outside work, I like swimming on some days. I also like travelling to new places. 

IMG_20190601_173307.jpg          IMG_20190915_165738.jpg

Nice to meet you @juzerali!

How is Bangalore this time of year? 😄 

Now it is getting hotter. Not the most pleasant weather.


Hi! I am from Dumaguete Philippines.

Been using Deel since last year of April and I am loving it!

I am a healthcare professional for a decade before deciding a career shift and now I am currently working as a WordPress engineer full time.

Outside work, I love outdoor activities and exploring new places and new restaurants.

So glad to know that Deel now has a community. Looking forward to meet you!

I wasn't able to attend the Cebu event as I thought it was cancelled.

- Boyet

Hey @macboyet

Sorry we missed you in Cebu, happy to say we'll have another event in Cebu soon. Hope that we can meet you in person then. 😄


Hi folks! I'm Vic. I live in Buenos Aires but grew up in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. When I'm not working with my colleagues at, I read, watch tons of films, and go birding from time to time. I live with my two cats, Pina and Bruma. 

Welcome to the Community, Vic 👋 Love seeing more members from Buenos Aires join - we hope you'll be able to make our Meetup there, April 26th! I recently started doing an art study on birds, so it's super cool that's something you're into. Over the last few months, I've been watching a baby screech owl grow up at the pond/reservation near me! 


Hey everyone! I'd like to participate as well!

I'm Denis, and I work as a Software Engineer from the great city of Batumi, Georgia country. (smaller version of Los Angeles if you ask me 😀).

Apart from work, I'm currently preparing for a couple of certifications, so I could say that I work pretty much all the time, but I still can find myself a couple of hours for gym and videogames 💪🎮

Happy to connect!

Nice to meet you @Denis-D-M !

What certifications are you working on? Also, what games do you currently play? I'm personally on my second play through of the Resident Evil 4 remake. 😄



My name is Robinson Rozas from Chile, I live in Santiago and work for TrackAbout Inc.

I live with my wife Natalia, daughter Julieta and cat Domingo. We like spending time together, visiting beautiful places, and eating good food. We are open to moving abroad for one year or something, currently thinking about where is the best option for us, so if you have any suggestions they are welcome.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-30 at 10.27.40.jpg

Nice to have you on our platform @rrozas !

You have a lovely family but your cat seems to be in a bad mood hahaha

Weekender II

Hello everyone!


My name is Ahmed, and currently residing in Dubai, UAE. I'm an admin by trade with some contracts just starting to work internationally and it has been a bit challenging, but fun too! 


When I'm away from work I usually find myself eating, sleeping (can never have enough), or spending some time outside in the horizon!


I hope to make the freedom lifestyle permanent one day so cheers to that. Attached some pics below to show you where I'm from!






The pictures don't do enough justice to the real deal tho!

Welcome to our community @affari_93 and thanks for sharing your beautiful view to us. 🙂 I have family in Dubai and they make me feel FOMO with the view all the time too.

Hahahaha I get how you feel. I saw some of the photos other members shared here and they make me feel the same.


Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa, I work as a Front End developer for a company in San Francisco. I'm originally from Venezuela but I live in Tandil, Argentina. I've work from home for 4-5 years now so I've developed a nice work-life balance. 

Right now I'm doing a Fashion Design online certificate at Parsons. Since I was a kid I loved crafts but now I feel it's the right time to "formalize" all this knowledge and I'm just loving it! I'm doing the certificate on my own pace so I can enjoy each class and projects. I also like to play golf and do gardening around the house 🙂

Hi @vanecgs 

Any tips on keeping plants alive? I can't seem to keep anything alive for long 😞 

Learn about your plants. The two most important things is light and water, how many or little they need. One thing that helped me at the beginning was to start with just one plant, also make sure it adjust to your lifestyle, if you are never home then don't get something that needs a lot of watering to start (unless you get some gadget that helps with watering).

Be patient and observe your plant, sometimes they don't like the place you choose, move them around.

Weekender II

Hello Everyone!

My name is Oscar, Im from Monterrey Mexico, i work for a US roofing company remotely as an IT specialist and Database Administrator, being working with the company for 1 year and a half.

Right now im writing this from Paris Airport, about to take a flight to Madrid, I love to discover places as you can see, i love to try all types of food and mostly all type of people. 

Also im a huge fan of Sports, I've been playing baseball, soccer, and football. basketball and mostly all the team sports. 

Ill be back in my Hometown in 1 month so in the meantime just keep enjoying experiences in Europe.

Greetings to everyone and remember to Seek Discomfort 


Heya @OscarCarrillo 

Absolutely agree to Seek Discomfort. Comfort breeds complacency and we never improve otherwise. Happy you're here!


Hello Hello, Just passing by to say Hi from Guatemala. Glad to greet and meet all 

Hi @Merlioney thanks for being a part of the Deel Community, and for sharing where you're from! It's great to meet you.


Greetings. I am from Kisumu City, Kenya. I love missions, winning souls to Christ, teaching the Word

*Admin edit - merged post from another board.

Hi @odoyo08, great to meet you and thanks for being a part of the Deel Community 👋


Hi everyone I'm new here I'm a backend developer working remotely from Morocco 

Heya @youmari 

Welcome to our community. 🙂 How's Morocco? I've always wanted to go but I have no idea where to even start.

Weekender II

I am happy to be part of this community. 

Hi @Prudie2023 ,

We're happy you're here too. 🙂 Tell us about yourself. What do you do?

Hey Daryldy a Happy Happy new year to you and your family. I hope this year our Deel family can continue to grow closer and create new experiences and opportunities together. I am Prudence working in Business Development for a VC company. 


I feel lucky that I have an opportunity to work remotely for my organization. 



Deel Community 

Het @tarunagrawal200 ,

How do you find remote work? This is my first purely remote job and I'm still getting used to it. Any tips?


Hey all, 

My name is Roua, and I am from Tunisia and work in Tunisia. 
I am an SEO Manager and I love cats, plants and music. 
Here is a picture of Simba, my cat and best friend.



This cat is a mood. We should have a cat thread just to show the weird situations our cats get into. Thanks for sharing @roua 

Weekender II

Hi! Nice to meet you all

I'm Nyekachi, a UI/UX Designer, pushing pixels 😊 for a fintech company. I was hired directly, but the contract is through Deel. I'm based in Nigeria. I currently enjoy creating daily content/documentaries about my life. Also planning on seeing the world before the end of this year!

You can catch me off the clock, hanging out with friends, playing video games, or watching a movie.

Hey @Mrproduct__ ,


Where can we find your content? 😄 You into vlogging or more photos or blogs?