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In the words of Rihanna, “Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.”

Deel Team
That’s right; we need YOU to share your local, regional, favorite, or culturally traditional cake recipes you make for celebrations. Specifically for birthdays.
As you may (or may not) know, Deel’s 4th birthday is around the corner. It’s March 19th, to be exact, and the day our sweet founders, Alex and Shuo, presented their vision at Y Combinator’s Demo Day.
To celebrate, we want to create and share the most international cake recipe EVER with you. Here’s how we’re cooking it up:
  1. We’ll collect recipes for cakes from respective countries. Think of any cake or baking tradition native to your country or region.
  2. Please post the cake name/photo/recipe in this post by end of week.
  3. We’ll combine all of the recipes and commission a chef to develop a recipe combining the ingredients, flavors, and colors from what you send.
  4. Finally, we’ll share the recipe with you, our Deel community
Sounds pretty sweet, eh? Can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary with you all!


ohhh, happy (early) birthday, Deel! 

I'm not sure how "international" this cake is, but I will share that my favorite birthday cake style that my family gets is a mango sponge cake from a local bakery. It's super light, fluffy, not too sweet, and filled with fresh fruit (mango, in this case). I feel like a lot of other birthday cakes tend to be heavy on the buttercream or sweet cream, but this cake tends to go with like... a light whipped cream? (Idk, I'm not a baker, although some days I wish I were!). I think some people call this style of cake a Genoise? 

here's a pic from Reddit user honeychoux since I'm not brave enough to make one myself 😅 recipe here

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 1.12.18 PM.png

I love any cake with mango! This looks so good! You should try to make it and keep us updated haha 🙂 

Deel Team

It looks delicious, Daisy! 

Weekender II

Ube is the quintessential Filipino ingredient. Its in everything and Ube cake is a national fave! This isn't my personal recipe but its one i usually follow. 😄

At the core its a sponge cake with ube puree and ube extract added to give it the flavor and warmth of ube. In the center, macapuno is added instead of frosting to give eaters a nice coconut surprise. 😄 You can find the recipe here. 

This cake is almost too pretty to eat


Thanks to everyone that shared some of their favorite celebratory cakes! Since today is Deel's 4th birthday🎉 we've shared our version of the "Most International" cake recipe. Check it out in this blog post


@JohnDoes I think I spy some of your ube inspo!