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Must haves to work from home?


What are your WFH essentials, came across this reddit post ( which is a bit old but it has some goodies.  

Personally, I love my standing desk, another monitor, and AirPods as a must-have.

What are your choices?


Deel Team

Big big water bottle is a must, monitor, and good healthy snacks to avoid temptations in kitchen 😛 

Deel Team
  • Natural light
  • A full battery
  • Headphones
  • The option to move around (from work desk to kitchen table, to couch, to balcony, for example...)



ohhh, lots of great lists already here! +1 to a big water bottle, standing desk and natural light! I just started this work-from-home lifestyle, so this is super helpful to me, too! 

I'd say something that I didn't think I'd really use but that I reach for often are ear plugs. I do have noise cancelling air pods, but sometimes when I need to be in deep focus and music feels distracting, I pop in the ear plugs and it just helps me zen out/focus. 

If anyone has home exercise equipment they're really into, I'd love to know what it is! I've been thinking about those under the desk cycling or walking machines but I worry I'll get bored of it lol 

What earplugs do you use? I got fancy loop earplugs but hear way too much inwards (? if that makes sense). Like I hear my mouth move and such.

ohhh i use the Loop Quiet ones, but I never really noticed hearing my mouth. I mostly use them when I'm working at a cafe, so it dulls the noise and that helps me a lot. When I'm home, I don't often use them (because I have an irrational fear that someone will break in and I won't hear it?? is that weird?). Does changing the plug size help at all? 

Does changing the plug size help at all? 

This actually did help lol. The default medium silicon tips fitted alright so I never bothered to try the other sizes/materials. Thanks!

> is that weird?

Nah. You do you.

Deel Team

For me, it's a water bottle (otherwise I probably wouldn't remember to drink water at all), a laptop stand, and a desk planner (because I always have something to write down as a reminder).

Btw, does anyone else find it easier to focus with headphones? Even if I'm not playing anything... 🤣

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Weekender II

Lights. I have three lights on to stay awake, coffee doesnt do it for me anymore LOL. 

Deel Team

standing desk & walking pad! I've found that it's so easy for me to just sit all day, the walking pad allows me to get a lot of steps in and keep me moving. I love walking on it while I'm getting some work done, or sometimes when I'm in a meeting (it helps me focus).

Which walking pad would you recommend? I've been shopping around 😛

Weekender II

Wi-Fi, Mate and a pair of headsets. That might work

haha yes I'd agree having a good wifi connection is truly what makes WFH possible 😂

Weekender II

For me, noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have. I got the Bose 700 a couple of years ago, and it really helped to reduce my stress levels. Best investment I done.

oh! this is great to know @zerocool4u2 - my air pod pros recently starting going crazy (like, a ton of static in just one bud), so I've been looking to see what else is out there for solid noise cancelling headphones. Thanks for the recco

around that time the best value for money were the bose 700 together with the sony 1000xm4(or something like that). The sony was supposed to have a little better noise cancelling support, but in the end I just liked the bose's design more.
There have to be better options these days, but I have to say that I'm pretty happy with them overall 


Laptop stand

Good headphones


A good 2nd monitor if you need it! 


Awesome 😁