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Studying as a remote worker: tips and tricks?

Weekender II

Hi there! 👋
I've been working remotely for almost a year and a half, and I've discovered that my new job requires a whole new level of skills that I've had to learn over the last year. I love studying and I'm always eager and curious about different places and platforms that offer education. So, do you study? If so, how do you go about it? Do you take courses, webinars, or seminars? If you do, where and how do you access them?

Every answer is welcome! I'm curious about different education cultures and resources, and who knows, maybe you have great tips or resources to share!


Deel Team

During the pandemic I took up photography and started following several photographers on Youtube both local and foreign. I always found it interesting to learn how people did the thing I wanted to do in a medium that was funny and interesting. Eventually I started to ask them questions at random in Instagram and some of them actually reply to me. It was sort of like remote mentoring and I became great friends with these people and they help encourage my growth in the art. Sometimes reaching out to people and listening to them is a great way to learn about things. 🙂 I'd find people who are experts in the field you're looking at and just reaching out. You never know!

Well, @daryldy , this is lovely! It's such an easy and affordable approach. I find that self-learning allows you to truly understand your needs and schedule. Although I sometimes procrastinate (but who doesn't, right?), I get a better sense of when I'm most available to learn, and that my personal rhythm sometimes doesn't align with pre-arranged schedules like the ones found in school.

I really appreciate the fact that you took it one step further and started conversations with the experts. I must admit, I'm a bit shy myself, but reading about how you were able to build relationships gives me hope. Experts are typically great and passionate people who enjoy discussing what they love, right?

Thank you for sharing your experience!


Hi @Maru,

Have you looked into digital courses offered by universities near you? Not sure if this is something that's offered to you in your area, but Universities near me offer online courses for an e-certificate. For instance, my previous employers offered an education stipend that let me take a 2month course of The Psychology of Leadership at Cornell in NYC. At the end of it, I received a digital certificate. Additionally, at a different job, I was able to use a work reimbursement so that I could do trainings. I just looked up workshops/conferences that were reputable, and sent that to my boss to approve. I'm sure it really depends on the field, but many jobs have workshops at conferences, so it's worth exploring! 

Outside of my profession, I use a variety of methods to stay actively learning. For example, I've been taking a language class at an adult education center, as well as a bookbinding class. I'm also subscribed to a tool called Skillshare, where I've taken a few on-demand classes for illustration, painting and drawing.


Lately, I've been leveraging LinkedIn to follow more industry experts so that I can either learn from their experience and insights, or see what events they're speakers at so that I can see whether its a good fit for continued learning! I also either subscribe to newsletters that are relevant in my space (in this case, Community, but previously Marketing in general or Social Media), and attend workshops and conferences that might help me connect with others and pick up some new skills! 

As our Community grows, we'd also love to hear from you on how you'd like to see Community features expand! I know someone else had previously mentioned wanting a Group to connect software engineers together. If you have ideas, we'd love to hear them to improve the Community experience 😊