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How about holidays?

Deel Team

Between planning my next holidays and writing a blog post about the importance of taking breaks at work (which I regularly do), I got to thinking about my habits when it comes to logging off from work.

This year I’ve been planning my holidays ahead of time to make sure they are well organized and that I actually take them (I tend to postpone them a lot). I realized I have the tendency to improvise my time off, but that can lead to me not even taking it, and that’s never a good idea. 

So I’ll be training my planning muscles from now on, making sure I book my time off and give myself time to recharge.

What about you? What are your time-off habits, what are improvements you feel you can make to your schedule, and what tips do you have for the rest of the community? 


Weekender II

Hi Gabriele, nice talking with you. As for me, I know that vacations need to be prepared some time in advance, on an organization AND financial ground... Well, if I can be somehow relaxed about organizing my vacation time, and then improvise, I need the little comfort that some money can instill in my holiday time 😏