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Thinking about investing in an E-reader. Any tips or recommendations?

Deel Team

Hi everyone!

I was a bit of an early adopter of a Kobo E-reader over a decade ago, and while I loved the e-ink idea, the long battery life, and the convenience of always having hundreds of books with me, the novelty eventually died off.

Recently I've been looking into new models, and I'm very impressed by the huge leaps in tech that have happened over the years. It seems like a lot of the bigger E-readers with a stylus can now almost act as an extra peripheral device, enabling quick input and displaying all kinds of different documents, and even accessing apps on Android-powered devices.

This got me thinking about whether an E-reader may be a good option for remote workers/digital nomads, and I figured I'd check here if any of you already uses one, or has some experience. 

Personally, for my work, I see these pros:

  • Decent-sized screen to display documents and web pages (as an addition to my laptop)
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Possibility of manually taking notes and editing text
  • Easy on the eyes

As for cons:

  • Slow processing compared to a tablet

So, I'd like to hear what your thoughts are. Any models you suggest, or hidden pros and cons I didn't think about?



@Gabriele can e-readers like the Kindle be used as a second monitor? I would think that the e-reader option would only make sense for certain jobs, like if your work is super text heavy (content writing, perhaps?). Given some of the e-reader abilities to translate graphics or multimedia, it seems like it would be a little limiting for what it can be used for. It's definitely an interesting thought though, if you have a spare one around, especially for your point on it being easy on the eyes. I was reading an article recently on how to use the sidecar function with apple products to get an additional screen, especially if you already have an ipad or something. 

@Daisy81 Yes, it most definitely has some limitations for resource-intensive work, but for any task that relies heavily on text, it could, potentially, be useful. 

For example, while it would not fully replicate a second monitor, it could be useful to display reference text. This could be useful for copywriters/content writers, but I would assume also for developers. 

Some of these also act as input devices, so you can write or edit texts "by hand". I can imagine a few use-cases for me personally, for example, but I'm also curious to understand whether they may have different applications I didn't think about yet, or if anyone is using them.