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Can someone guide me the options for Stay in Dubai for a 6 month period

Weekender II


I have a remote work job from Deel and will be based on UAE. I plan to be in UAE only for about 6 months in a year for tax residency purposes and the remaining time will be travelling to other countries. 

I came to know that in Dubai we need to rent apartments for one year period. Are there any better options available for stay in Dubai. I see that some serviced appartments are attached to hotels that charge more money. Any suggestions will be helpful to me.  



Hi Raj, @Circ_Raj! Welcome to the Deel Community 👋

I know there are a few other members, like @AminL, that have mentioned they're based out of the UAE who might be able to offer more advice on this! I know there are listings on sites like AirBNB or VRBO for month long stays that are more stand-alone homes than they are hotel accommodations. Additionally, through Deel, you have access to perks that can offer discounts or low rates while traveling, such as Vonder, Selina, and Little Emperors. Hope this points you in the right direction, and looking forward to seeing what other Community members might recommend! 

Thank you Cassyl. I will explore the options mentioned by you. 


I have been living in Dubai for the past year. There are places where you can rent apartments on monthly basis instead of having a yearly contract in areas like International City or Discovery Gardens (The latter has access to metro as well). If you want to stay in hotel apartments, such as Rove hotel, you can get a room for as low as 1300 USD/month.