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Trends in global hiring, and your personal experiences

Deel Team

We recently released Deel’s report on trends in global hiring, with a whole bunch on info and data on how the global working landscape evolved during 2022. (You can find the report and its highlights in this blog post)

As a community of workers who are active all over the world, I would be very curious to hear your thoughts about it. But most of all, I am interested in knowing what you feel are the trends in global hiring based on your experience. 

Personally, I was very surprised to see a decrease in starter salaries in the Netherlands, as this decrease is probably made more impactful due to higher cost of living and a widespread lack of housing availability.

Do you live in any of the cities mentioned in the report? Have you noticed salary trends that relate to your market, role, or region? What do you think 2023 has in store for you?