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What does your workstation look like?

Deel Team

Hey everyone!

A photo can be worth a thousand words, so I’m curious to see what your workstations look like! As I mentioned in another post I just need may laptop, so here are two a few pics of my workstation in the past few months.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 13.18.27.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-16 at 13.19.21 (1).jpeg


What does yours look like?



I loved my 3 monitor setup, @Ram, but currently, I value portability over comfort 🙂

Love the ChatGPT idling on the side haha


Hi everyone!!

This is my work spot and also where I study. And you know who's my loyal partner in crime? My pup Baco! He's always chillin' by my side, even though he can be a bit stinky at times (yikes!), but he's my homie and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Regards from Argentina, 

Josema Cuenca



What a great setup @josemacuenca! Love the little pops of greenery, and it looks like you're got a comfortable and ergonomic chair. How do you get any work done when you could be hanging out with Baco? Your pup is so cute 💕
Thanks so much for sharing more about you, and we hope to see more about your experiences around the Community. 

Having a dog is essential to a work space. 100% agree on that. What breed is he? 🙂 


I admit it, I'm a big fan of the Dark Mode 😂


Hi @hbuzzi, welcome to the Deel Community! Love the strip lighting in the back. Dark mode is 👌


ohh, is this at a cafe @sombriks, or do you just make really pretty lattes at home? 😍 Thanks for sharing how you like to work! Also a good reminder that I need more coffee 😂

Those where at cafes, i am a better coder than a barista, 🙂
If creativity block kicks in, i take one laptop and find a nice coffee shop!


 This is where I mastermind the ManagerHQ website and look after a team of Off-Page SEO managers as Head of Off-Page SEO for Skale



Thanks for sharing your workstation setup @rwac! Super cool that you not only oversee ManagerHQ work, but also a team for Skale. Are your SEO managers remote as well? If you're open to sharing, I'm sure we would learn lots on how you host end-of-week social connections with your team (if so!). Thanks for being a part of our Community, and we can't wait to learn more from you here! 

Weekender II

Night shot😁


You see to have the eye of a cinematographer, @Mrproduct__ . Very cool pic!

😁 thanks @Gabriele 

Weekender II


A bit crowded, but it works for me 😊

Reminds me of my own workspace @kheme 😬


Revamped my workspace in honor of my mom who passed due to Covid 😑🤗 Hello from the Philippines! 🇵🇭

















All our love from the Deel Community @ymariefromtheph . I'm sure she's proud of you. 🙂 

Awww. You the sweetest 😍🥹



Excellent view @lifeuser Is this where you currently reside?


Loved ur breakfast view from Trieste , i lived in there for a while , amazing place to be.… Moved on to the another lifetime. here we go  7BD9B87E-6C9D-4222-B7B1-1C3CA4C3F4EA.jpeg

That view is amazing, looks like a something out of a videogame 😆 Where is it?

Wow, what a small world, @cuneyitkiris. Where are you based now?


Not very nomad-friendly, but addicted to this setup for too long to change:

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-07 at 03.59.35.jpeg

Totally okay that it's not nomad friendly – it looks super productive, @umair_rafique! I've been pretty jealous of everyones' screen configs throughout this thread; I could have so many windows open at once haha. How do you like this style of ergonomic keyboards? 

Oh I love the keyboard. Couldn't think of going back.

Look like it might take some getting used to, but I can see the advantages of this style. Nice setup, @umair_rafique !



Recently I go to one of those "shared office spaces" to do my remote work, it has increased my productivity as I have to get ready every morning and go there. It's close to my apartment, so no time/energy gets wasted in traffic and public transport compared to going to an office job on the other end of the city!

Mesut Office.jpg


That penguin really brings everything together, @astromesut! 🙂

I used to have a 1.5-2hr commute every day and I simply can't go back to that again! Love that you're utilizing a coworking space @astromesut

we have an htop user here! ❤️
So, what do you do?

Deel Team

Guess What i do...?😎


Screens galore, @eadortsu_! Seems like this is a super productive workstation setup. Kind of hard to tell it something with video content? 



Let me know if something struck you the most from my workstation. 🙂

Interesting question btw!

Hi @Janvi2904 thanks for sharing a view of your workstation. Seems like you travel super light with just a laptop in tow; not even a mouse on the desk! 

Weekender II

Work station in my airbnb in Itacaré, Bahia (northeast of Brazil). Love my portable 2nd screen, noise cancelling headphones and water bottle (we need to stay hydrated).Work station in my airbnb in Itacaré, Bahia (northeast of Brazil). Love my portable 2nd screen, noise cancelling headphones and water bottle (we need to stay hydrated).Work station at the beach, minimalist but only the essential stuff.Work station at the beach, minimalist but only the essential stuff.

Deel Team

Hello Deelers! 🎉

I've been home alone these days and decided to change the scenery a bit today so I visited a nearby ethno restaurant. It has a lovely, quiet garden, a pool, a small playground for kids, etc. It's pretty empty today, so perfect for working. They also have animals around the garden, bunnies, cats, and... peacocks! These birds are really incredible 😍

Cappuccino and lemonade - my go-to comboCappuccino and lemonade - my go-to combo  Royalty!Royalty!

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Such a cool spot to work from and to enjoy some tasty beverages. And to get to see some beautiful birds too! Thanks for sharing Stefana! 

Deel Team

IMG_0400 (1).jpg

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