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What're the most important factors for you when working remotely from other countries?

Weekender II

I'm looking to travel in the next few months but I wanted to be sure about things like internet access, coworking spaces, and any regulations. Anyone have experiences they could share on this?


Deel Team

Hey JohnDoes! I worked from several countries last year. I always check online reviews of coffee shops/co-working spaces/accommodations to see what people say about WiFi. I rarely had issues because people are honest in the comments - if the internet connection is weak, you'll read about it for sure. 😄 

I can't recommend Tenerife enough. Santa Cruz is an amazing city, you can swim in the ocean all year long, and they have this great coffee shop meant for digital nomads.

Any specific countries you have in mind?

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Weekender II

Hi StefanaZ,


I'm traveling to Japan, Singapore, India, and Thailand soon. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I'm hoping to be able to see the world as this is my first remote work job. 🙂

Are you planning this as part of one big trip? Sounds really cool!