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Deel Advance


Does anyone else suddenly not have access to Deel advance? I have always had access just fine and overnight, it has been taken away. Some support bots tell me "my client isn't eligible" which makes no sense because they always were.... other bots tell me it is temporarily disabled due to the upcoming changes with Deel wallet. anyone know how to fix this / a workaround?

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They essentially suspended this function indefinitely on June 25th 2024. I reached out to customer service and they said they had no information on the length of the suspension. The reason was due to the implementation of Deel Wallet. I'm currently unawair of any workaround. I would plan on not using this feature, and don't ever count on it being available as a resource because clearly they will take it away whenever they want, without warning. There hasnt been any update on when deel wallet will be implemented only that this will also effect the withdrawl methods. My best guess is this will not be done for some time and if you need funds I would look elsewhere.


 I had the exact same thing happen to me. This has effected me greatly as there are no other real ways to get an advance on your pay beside throught that method which we paid a pretty penny to use anyway and that way fine. but to just yank it and then blame my employer seems a bit shady at best. Deel is def not on my list of companies I want managing my money with this move. Hopefully they could be a bit more transpartent in the future. Especially when they are messing with real people and their lives. Also gone is the two week split payment. Wish deel woulld come out and say something publicly about this. 

Super frustrating and shady. What was the two week split payment?


I have inquired about this with their support chat, after some time and multiple agents, I was told that it was suspended due to the Deel Contracter Wallet being implemented and that it was only temporary pause on Deel Advance. They said the rollout of Deel Wallet would start on July 8th, 2024 in batches. I’ve yet to see this new feature on my account.