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Delayed Instant Withdraw


Hello Everyone,

I have used the instant withdraw option to cash my balance. However, it appears that payement is delayed. I will highly appreciate if anyone here can assist me. 
Thank you!





Hi @Ilyaas

I checked with our team to see if there were any issues with delays, which doesn't seem to be the case. Withdrawals are expected to arrive on the date shown via Dynamic ETA in your tracker, but it may take an extra business day or two due to bank processing, compliance checks, and other factors.  Unfortunately, Deel can't speed up the refund process, as it's controlled by the sending bank. However, if you are still unable to receive your funds after the estimated date (which appears to be end of day today, Feb 2), I'm happy to help connect you with a member of the Support team so that they can look into it further for you. 

Thank you, 


Hi Cassy,

Thank you for your feedback. I have not received my fund by the estimated date.  Will highly appreciate it if you could connect me with a member of the support team.

Thank you!

Hi @Ilyaas, reaching out to let you know that I've been in touch with our team today to review your questions! I also see that you proactively reached out to the team over the weekend too, so the team will be able to reach out to you if there's any additional updates to share regarding the estimated timeline. 

Thanks so much for your patience, 

Hey cassy having the same problem I've been using instant card transfer since last year December but on the 10th of May 2 day's ago when I got my payment an email came said few seconds and it will be in my bank account then in deel app it shows provider delayed...can u help me with that


Community Manager

Hello @Swenda27g I hope you're doing great! 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've looked at the situation, and I see that our support team has confirmed that your payment has been sent by our provider to your account. You should see your funds shortly, 

Please let us know if there's any other doubt we can help you with, it's our pleasure to assist. Our support team is 24/7 for you! 



Can someone help me? No one is responding in your chatbox. 
I have not received my money, even though I selected Instant Card Transfer.