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Payment not received. I need a response from Deel support


I still haven't received my payment!
I contacted support, and my problem has not been resolved for over a month.
After providing statements from my personal bank account to which the payment was sent and after the investigation began, I can't get a clear answer from support, it all comes down to bureaucratic replies. The recipient bank confirms that the funds were not received in my bank account.
First, my case was sent to Deel's payment provider. I waited for 5 business days. Now they are suggesting I wait for a refund from the payment processor for another 30 days, and this does not guarantee the return of the funds. I am no longer sure that the money will be credited to my Deel account, and that I will be able to withdraw these funds. Sadly, I cannot receive the money I earned 😥. I also can't understand where the funds went and why someone appropriated them. Is this even legal?
I really want my problem to be solved and deel's attitude to customers to be on top!



Hi @CassyL @Nathan,
Please help me!


Hi Alina @Al_Liloq

Thank you so much for sharing this experience and we appreciate your patience while our team is looking into a resolution for you. I reviewed the conversations you had with our Support team and, given that this is more specific to your account and your personal banking information, for your privacy and safety it is best that our Support team continues to work with you on a resolution. 
However, in an effort to continue progress on your issue, I have gone ahead and shared your experience with relevant members of our team. They should be reaching out to you shortly! 

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.