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Purchases Abroad


So I'm in Japan currently (base is Philippines). Can I just say, the Deel card's been saving me so much cash. I used to withdraw USD from the bank then use that to exchange for yen. Idunno why but the exchange rate here's not that great (~10%) iirc. Anyway I did credit purchases as well as debit purchases (using Deel card). When I compared the charges to my local bank's credit card (2.5-3.5%) and the Deel card (1.5-2%), it's no small difference when the charges rack up.

Hella convenient. Now if only I can set its address to the US (currently Singapore?), it'd be perfect for cargo-forwarding haha. Anyway how do you get the most bang for your buck when doing international purchases? 



Hi @robin
Thanks so much for sharing about your trip to Japan, and how the Deel Card has been able to help you while you're traveling! It's great to know that you are enjoying it so far. 

Definitely curious to hear from other members who have traveled internationally to learn about how they're being savvy with spend. 

Oh also, regarding setting the address: it is possible to set the address differently, but only if you provide a POA (proof of address). Once that is submitted, the Deel team reviews the request, and the new address will be set. 

Thanks again for sharing, and safe travels 🇯🇵