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Who is allowed to request a Deel Advance? How do I do it?


Hi everyone!

So, I’m just starting out with as a new contractor with Deel. I was told by a friend that Deel offers cash advances, which seems like it could be helpful in a pinch. Does anyone have details on this, or have experience with it? 



Hi @Daisy81, thanks for sharing this question with the Deel Community.

I’m happy to share more details with you about Deel Advance! Deel Advance is available to eligible independent contractors who are interested in a short-term cash advance. The advance is an agreement with Deel to provide funds to you now, in exchange for an agreed amount of your future earnings that will be collected automatically from your scheduled client payments. To learn more about Deel Advance, please check out this article on Frequently Asked Questions about Deel Advance!

Alternatively, you can also check out
this short video walkthrough on requesting Deel Advance. Hope that helps point you in the right direction!