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Repayment Deel Advance from Direct Transfers

I have to repay my deel advance but I have zero balance on my account. Planning to do any direct transfer from bank to deel because I can’t see the option to pay via Stripe. Is it possible to send from Wise to my Deel account?

EOR using deel in Argentina

Does anyone know if a company hires me using an EOR with Deel, how do I get the payment? My concern is about the exchange type, in Argentina the USD official rate is 50% of the real market price.

Who is allowed to request a Deel Advance? How do I do it?

Hi everyone! So, I’m just starting out with as a new contractor with Deel. I was told by a friend that Deel offers cash advances, which seems like it could be helpful in a pinch. Does anyone have details on this, or have experience with it? 

Daisy81 by Explorer
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