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Deel Team

AI enthusiasts, buckle up, our recent data dive into the AI hiring landscape reveals some very interesting insights into how the world of work is evolving!

📈The AI job market is in full swing

In the past year, AI, Software Engineering, and Data Science roles paid through Deel have skyrocketed by a whopping 60%, with a simultaneous 59% surge in organizations actively seeking these talents. The momentum is palpable, and the real rate of growth is nothing short of exceptional.

🌐AI is triggering a true internationalization of talent

AI is reshaping the world map of talent. India is paving the way with roles like AI Engineer and AI Training Lead. Meanwhile, US companies are tapping into Brazil, Canada, and Argentina.

Cities like Toronto, Bangalore, and London are AI hotspots, with noteworthy increases.

🤖Deel & AI

At Deel, we're riding the AI wave with Deel IQ – our powerful tool fueled by a global database of compliance and hiring intel. It's queried over 4,500 times a week and embraced by 35 clients.

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