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Generating Paystub as proof of income for financing in Canada


I live and work from Canada for a US based company as an independent contractor (since 2022). I wanted to secure car financing but it was unsuccessful (even though I was dropping a significant equity) with the main reason being that I have an international income. Has anyone being in this shoes before? How were you able to navigate it?



Hi @Hanscad

Welcome to the Deel Community and thanks for sharing your question here about your options to secure financing. While I don't have my own experiences on this to share (since I myself do not live in Canada), I hope that perhaps other Community member can chime in on their personal financial lending experiences!

There may also be specific requirements depending on your citizenship, so I'd recommend speaking to a financial advisor or expert. You are able to leverage a contract, invoice, and/or any other relevant paperwork that can verify your earnings to assure lenders, although financial institutions may request additional documentation.