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Withdrawal to Egypt



i want to ask does deel withdraw to CIB bank USD account in Egypt? And is there any Fees will be added? If yes how much?! And how many days will the money will be reflected in thebank account in egypt? 


Weekender II


Yes you can, and the fees might be from 10-25, depends that's what i saw from my colleagues. 


However,  if u do to HSBC, it will be 12 or 14 that's based also on a colleague. 


It takes from a day to two max if the withdrawal process began before 2PM in working days (USA which is chase bank the platforms uses, and our banks in Egypt).


thank you so much for these info.
Can you ask your colleague how much exactly the USD fees?10 or 25 USD  Or it will vary each time?! 
also you mean the working hours in USA or here in Egypt ,, there is 8 hours between both so i need to know exactly which working hours.

thank you in advance 

Weekender II

So if u take ur salary in USD, there is a provider fee from DEEL it self which is from 5 to 10,

then in case of HSBC it takes 10 to 15 more, we can't decide exactly depends on what.


Also by hours i mean, let's say u got the salary 1PM Egypt time on Friday, then if u withdraw u will receive it by mid day or morning on Sunday, if u withdraw in working days you might even get it same day

I just got confused, 

look i get my salary in USD and i want to withdraw it to my USD CIB bank account here in Egypt.

how much would be the total fees?
the fees from Deel itself + the fees from the CIB itself also? 

No need for the HSBC i only need info about CIB

sorry if I bothered you, but i got confused a little bit.


Weekender II

No worries! Yes, Deel fees + Intermediate Banks fees + CIB fees, which total will be around 20-25 as i told u , but now fees are not stable due to changes in Egypt, so this is based on prev. transactions