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Deel or upwork- for indians




What is better mode of wothdrawal from usd to inr- deel or upeork?


Also, what is platform chargers, conversion rate and other charges on both these platforms?



Hi Modak @MCG

Thanks for sharing this question here! I'm hoping that one of our remote workers with experience on both platforms can chime in more thoroughly, but I'm happy to provide a little more insight.

There are some key differences between Deel and Upwork in terms of product offerings, specifically with regard to how the worker interfaces with clients and the terms you set as a part of your contract. This is all something you can manage with Deel, and you'll be able to see the time of your scheduled payments based on your contract type, and oversee all the withdrawal tracking, within the Deel app. 

As it relates to fees, Deel does not charge contractors or employees any monthly subscription fee. We only charge clients based on the number of active contracts per month ($49/mo depending on the contract type). You can check out this article on How Much Does Deel Cost

With withdrawals, the fees also vary by type. You can learn more in this article section "How much do I pay for withdrawals" (which I recommend looking through because there are additional FAQs and notes!), but I'll also share it here for ease. 

The withdrawal fee depends on the method selection. Separate transaction and exchange fees may also apply. 

  • Local Bank Transfers: $0 USD
  • Cross-Border Withdrawals: $5 USD (Cross-border transactions involve transferring funds from one country to another, even if it’s the same currency)
  • International Transfers / SWIFT: variable fee of $5 USD, capped at a maximum of $10 USD
  • Deel Instant Card Transfer:1.5% fee (maximum $50) in United States ; 2% fee (max $15) for all other countries
  • Coinbase: 1.5% (flat charge of $5 USD for USDC withdrawals under $300, then 1.6% fee)
  • PayPal: 2.5% (minimum $0.25 USD)
  • Payoneer: 1% (minimum $12 USD)
  • Revolut: $0 USD
  • Wise (formerly TransferWise): $0 USD
  • Deel Card: $0 USD

I also recommend taking a look at the section titled "How Do I Know What Exchange Rates are Applied?" if you're curious to learn more about calculating fees. Per the article: 

Before you confirm your withdrawal, Deel will calculate and display an estimate of any applicable fees and exchange rates. You will see a pop-up on the right side of the screen before confirming.

These fees and rates depend on a number of factors including your payment method, contract currency, withdrawal currency, the location of your bank account. the market exchange rates, and the availability of payment processors. 

Hope this helps point you in the right direction! 

Weekender II

Depends on Bank and Method: The conversion rate when withdrawing USD to INR from Deel or Upwork depends on your bank and chosen withdrawal method.