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Deel Team

Many tools and services can make your life as a contractor easier and more productive, we know. That’s why we partner with the best-in-class in providing all Deel users with the right perks for them. 🌟😻

From products and services that will help you boost your physical and mental wellbeing to ones that can help you manage your work more efficiently, boost your personal growth, and make the most out of the opportunities afforded by remote work, we have the perfect list for you to supercharge your summer.🚀🏖

And the cherry on the cake is that Deel perks come with discounts and special rates. Bettering yourself and your work has never been easier! 💪 📈

So pick your favorite perks from our selection or head over to your Deel profile and explore the perks section to discover the full offer. 😎 👍

Are you already using a perk you love? Let us know in the comments below. 💚 👇