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Deel Team

We have exciting news for all you digital nomads or aspiring ones: Deel just added visa support for Portugal, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to its services!

If you’re eager to work from the pristine beaches and luxury resorts of Dubai, or interested in the stunning landscapes of Lisbon as your workstation backdrop, you’ll need a digital nomad visa before you can head off on your big adventure.

One of the biggest obstacles when thinking about working abroad is the sheer effort and time it can take to get a proper work visa, especially since Digital Nomad visas are relatively new, and resources on it can be sparse. Immigration laws and processes also vary by country, making it time-consuming to find the correct visa for any specific situation – this process can be even trickier for digital nomads.

As a result, workers may be setting aside their dreams of working abroad, but they most definitely should not unpack their bags just yet, because Deel’s here to help!

By connecting with Deel’s in-house team of experts, you’ll breeze through the digital nomad application process while getting dedicated advice specific to your personal needs as a remote worker. Deel will handle the application process from start to finish, from completing the necessary forms to managing communication with authorities, so you can spend more time planning the beautiful sights you’ll see. 

Book time to speak to our immigration experts: 

Becoming a global citizen has never been so easy, and with more countries adopting remote work visas, it will soon be possible to truly work from anywhere 🌍! Learn more about Portugal, Spain, and the UAE by checking out our Country Immigration Guides.


Looking for another country to be a digital nomad in? Let us know where you would like to see Deel support Digital Nomad Visas next in the comments below!


Hi, do you know something about the Romanian Nomad Visa? I would like to make sure how Deel documents can be evidence for financial criteria. Do we still need an apostille from the home country? I am a Turkish citizen but working for lots of countries as head of business development on behalf of a UK-based company.

Thanks in Advance.

Deel Team

Hi @Cem137, I just wanted to let you know that I've provided some resources and information that might be useful to you in this thread.

Please reach out if I can help with anything further!

Thank you,