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If you want to be healthy, then you don't want to miss this!



Hey gang,

HEALTH IS WEALTH. Without it, money is no good.

Two doctors taught me two important lessons. The first doctor said, "You need to see the people in your life as your team members such as your doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. Everyone needs a team and teamwork."

My second doctor said, "If you ever feel pain or discomfort, don't be afraid. It is your body communicating with you that it needs something."

And so with my many years of self-care and caring for my elderly mother, here are some GOLDEN TIPS for good health.

1. For healthy, vibrant hair: Collagen, Zinc, and Omega-3 Fatty Oils.

2. For headaches and Charlie Horse: Drink electrolytes such as BCAA or Gatorade or a little salt and lemon in your water.

3. For brain focus or clarity: Fasting in the mornings and ending your day with 10-15 minutes of rest to think about nothing so the mind can reset for the evening.

What tips do you guys have to share with the gang?

Let us know and you will be rewarded with a long and healthy life.



Deel Team

Hey @KenWhiskey , I certainly concur with 2 and 3 from experience. I drink water plus electrolytes often (it's my favorite drink). I also recommend meditation and walks frequently, whether solo or in a group setting. It helps me reset, refresh, and gets the creative juices flowing.🚶‍♀️

Yes, and YES! Electrolytes are so tasty, especially the fruit flavors. My favorite is XTEND.

What brand do you like?

I like Liquid I.V. - any flavor. 

Oh.. yummy. I sometimes buy those at Target. Do you?