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Safety Tips for Traveling Safely


No one thinks anything bad will happen to them until it does.

A lot of remote workers like us usually also travel alone. The best advice is don't but that's not always the case. Here are my tips to stay safe during your travel to anywhere near and far.

1. As soon as you get into a car, lock the door.

2. Situational awareness. Establish a 5-foot bubble in front, back, left, right, below, and above you. Take mental notes of who has been around you and the sounds you hear. Avoiding danger is your best policy.

3. Do NOT use headphones in public such as on a bus or a train. Your eyes and ears are the tools that you need to notify you of danger and suspicion.

Finally, if you decide to carry pepper spray, please get training from a professional. Usually, the police community has trainers who can teach you how to use it lawfully and legally depending on where you are at.


I hope my message has been helpful and valuable to you all.


What safety tips do you have to share with the community? Let us know.





Deel Team

The main one for me is to blend into the environment as much as possible. It's not always doable, but it helps a lot to not stick out like a sore thumb. 

Another one is to research where you go. Even a basic understanding of where you will be, the habits, means of transportation, and things to look out for will help. 

Just to add to your pepper spray point @KenWhiskey , make sure it's legal to carry and use wherever you go. Many countries in Europe, for example, do not allow it, and you might get into trouble for it.

Yes, this is the key to safe travel. According to my favorite travel book, "Escape the Wolf" by Clint Emerson, he said the best way to blend in is as follows.

1. Wear contrasting clothing such as black shirt, khaki pants and next day switch it up with white shirt and black pants..

2. Don't wear colorful clothing that make you stand out or rent a colorful car. Rent something like a white, silver or champagne Toyota Corolla, Camry and etc.

3. Change your travel routine and take different routes home.

Yes, it is important to research where you go. Be sensitive to different cultures, norms, religions, especially level of eye-contact depending on the country.

Eyes and ears ON.

Deel Team

Great tips! I personally try not to carry all my valuables in my bag and often make sure I have pockets in my jackets that I could zip for my phone, keys and passport 😉 

To add to that, @Chloe , I always make sure 3 things are always on me, in a safe place: My keys, my wallet/ID, and my phone.


this is a good pepper spray tip. I guess I never considered needing to be trained on how to use it. 

A friend told me about how one time when he was at a bustling train station and clearly looked confused, someone walked up to him and asked if he was looking for a taxi. He said yes, and instead of following any signs, he followed the guy all the way to a sketchy looking street. He knew something was fishy so he quickly ran, but he definitely was going to get mugged. Thank goodness! Always important to be aware. 

Yes training is neccessary to prevent accidentally spraying yourself. There are 3 types.

1. Misty spray.

2. Foggy spray.

3. Direct stream.

Yes, your friend must exercise caution. Do not follow anyone into a dark alley. That's where bad things happen. If it's a taxi, the car should be in front of you, in front of the apartment or hotel. No negotiations.