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The SECRETS of the Universe in Your Heart!



Hey gang, I hope you all are ending your year well.

As always, I want to write about topics that give you tremendous value and hope.

I have a wonderful mystery to share with you.

1. Rudolf Steiner, at the Waldorf School said the HEART is a 7-sided regular form that sits inside an imaginary heart in your chest. "Regular" meaning all 7 sides are identical.

2. Frank Chester, who figured out how to design a 7-sided regular form, submerged it underwater. Two counter-rotating vortices are formed.

3. Recent scientific studies have shown that these two vortices facilitate the closing of the valves.

4. Paco Torrent Guasp said that the heart is NOT a pump but a vortex.

5. Dr. Masaru Emoto has scientifically demonstrated that water/blood exposed to loving human words and thoughts is transformed into its natural hexagonal shape. It becomes structured at a molecular level based on our positive intentions. This new model shows that it is the blood that pumps the heart, not the other way around. In order to keep the flow strong and healthy, our best medicine is to connect to the earth, get sunlight, love ourselves, and love one another with physical touch.

Exercise Activity: Gang, put your hand over your heart. Close your eyes. You are the mystery of the universe. It's in your heart. ❤️ Did you know your heart contains traces of gold? You have a heart of GOLD!

Enjoy your feet touching the grass. Let the sunlight hit your face. Hug your loved-ones. Tell them you love them. Show them you love them. Who needs your reach? Your touch? Your voice?


Ken W.


Weekender II

Thanks for sharing.