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deel payment methods


Hello guys, is anyone here from Ghana receiving payments from deel without banks and mobile money? Those payments have been disabled and I want to know how you withdraw your money from deel. I tried coinbase but the money is stuck there. Note I'm from Africa/Ghana

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Hi @addo, thanks for sharing this question in the Deel Community. Given that this question is unique to your experience using Coinbase, we'd recommend you reach out to the Deel Support team for specific account-related follow up. You can connect with them by filling out this form

Regarding receiving payments from Deel...while we'd love to accommodate a variety of withdrawal method options, there are certain regions and countries where we can only offer SWIFT transfers. If you are not seeing the option to choose other types of withdrawal methods, we unfortunately aren't supporting that method yet. Here's an article on Supported Withdrawal Methods And Currencies that can provide some additional insight on what Deel services!

I hope the information I shared is helpful, and sets you in the right direction. Let us know if you have additional questions, 

I’m looking into that option also but I don’t know if it has restrictions like Coinbase. Thank God the bank and mobile money payment methods is back


Yes please. I understand Coinbase app is not for Ghanaians or Africans because it has restrictions and I understand it is out of scope for deel. I hope that you will help us identify which suits Africans and which doesn’t because once the funds get to the Coinbase app deel has no control or can not refund it. Basically the funds transferred from deel to Coinbase is literally lost